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The episode picks up four months after Barry's arrest. A girl is spray painting in Arabic beneath a portrait of Jamal.

Jamal visits Barry in his cell. They both want the other to apologize. Jamal threatens to keep Barry in prison.

 Tariq reports to Leila about the movement supporting Barry, who has been sentenced to death.

Jamal and his son tour an oil field that is a joint project with China. Ahmed is contemplating leaving Abbudin. 

Leila speaks to a group of Chinese visitor about her cultural program and is ambushed with military questions.

Rashid and his insurgents are loading a military truck with homemade explosives.

Jamal receives the news and orders a proportional response minimizing civilian causalities. His advisors want a limited chemical attack.

Jamal orders the cache of weaponized gas destroyed. 

Molly skypes with her son for the US Embassy, which is closing. She discusses the efforts to save Barry with their lawyer.

Jamal confronts Nusrat about Ahmed. 

Tariq has found a target that Jamal approves of. Leila pushes Jamal to set a date for the execution.

 Fauzi visits Samira with political refugee passports to Amerstdam. 

Nusrat tries to convince Ahmed to take his place in Jamal's government.

Rashid's safe house is hit by the army. The group confronts Musa, the alleged traitor, and Rashid sends him to Beirut. 

Amira asks for Molly to be allowed to visit Barry. 

Molly is telling Exley a story about a trip to Paris when soldiers burst in.

Molly is allowed to visit Barry, to inform him that the execution has been set for the following morning. She is being forced to leave the country immediately

As Molly leave Abuddin, Barry is prepared for his execution. A man in a hood is hung in front of the presidents council.

The Al-Fayeeds are all upset by the execution.

Amira confronts Jamal as the Chinese delegation arrives for a state dinner.

Molly and Exley have landed in California, where Emma and Sammy meet them. 

Fauzi hears the news of Barry's execution, and tries again to convince Samira to leave with him. 

In the middle of the desert, Jamal walks with a soldier who carries Barry, who is still alive. After he revives, Jamal leaves on a helicoptor.



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Tyrant Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Have the last six months changed me? Yes. Yes, because the world changed. And I'm not going to get my country back by writing from Amsterdam.


This life we have didn't cost you anything. But I paid for it. It cost me everything. This baby is an Al Fayeed. And I want him...or her to have whatever that means. I know that it seems like a funny kind of revenge, but it's all I have.