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Sammy takes a car to the palace. He meets with Leila, though he came to see Jamal. 

Ahmed puts on a military uniform while Nusrat lays in bed, not feeling well. 

Sammy asks Jamal to release the money. When Jamal says the courts will decide, Sammy counters by pointing out the courts wait on him, and begins an emotional appeal. Jamal agrees to release the money in small increments, but Sammy must leave Abuddin.

Sadiq, Barry, and A plan the next stage of the rebellion. Munir calls with information on Daliyah. They make plans to free her. 

Rami, Ahmed, and Jamal review the new mercenary troops. Nusrat notices she bleeding, and collapses on stage.

Molly and Jimmy toast to Sammy. They share stories about parenting, and flirt.

A doctor fills the Al Fayeeds in on Nusrat's condition. It's a placental aburption and Nusrat needs immediate surgery.

Sammy visits the club to make a ransom payment only to find out that Abdul is dead.

Barry breaks into the compound to free Daliyah. She is locked in a room, but Barry breaks her out. She insists that Barry tell her what happened to her family. Samira interrupts the rescue attempt. She recognizes him. Daliyah is shocked. 

Barry tells Samira what happened to him while she holds him at gunpoint. She plans to hold Daliyah and Barry hostage until Rashid and Abu Omar return.

Jamal and Rami discuss military strategy, and Jamal urges his son to do what he can to move the strike against Ma'an along more quickly.

Molly wants to check on Sammy, and Jimmy stops her. At her hotel door, Jimmy kisses her. When she begs off, Jimmy reassures her that she's not moving on and kisses her again.

Barry tries to connect with Samira so she will let them go. Samira recounts a story from her youth about being on the debate team. Barry gets a call, and he tries to warn her that another man will be coming to check on them if he doesn't answer. when the second man enters, she shoots him, shocking herself. Barry smashes the phone.

Ahmed waits for word on Nusrat. The doctor tells him that she is fine, but the baby died and they had to perform a hysterectomy. 

Sammy attends the memorial service for the gay men killed by Abu Omar. When the leader asks for somebody to speak about Abdul, Sammy steps up. Another man makes a statement leading Sammy to believe that Abdul loved him. A man approaches Sammy offering help.

Samira, Daliyah, and Barry are still waiting for Rashid's return. Samira says she doesn't care about the Caliphate's actions or beliefs, only revenge against the Al Fayeeds. 

Leila and Jamal talk at the hospital. Jamal is haunted by Barry. Leila doesn't think their bad luck has anything to do with him. 

Leila finds Rami in a hallway. She directs Rami to order an airstrike. He resists, but she 

Halima's friend tells Sammy about the Red Hand, trying to get him to give money to the group to avenge Abdul. When Sammy tries to walk away, the young man shows him video of Abdul's execution.

Barry tries to convince Samira that they can help each other. Barry stands up to leave, daring Samira to shoot him. She shoots him in the leg, and he grabs the knife and stabs her. Daliyah and Barry try to help her, but it is too late. Barry holds her and comforts her, stabbing her again to end her suffering. 

Rashid cradles Samira's body lets out a blood curdling scream.

Nusrat wakes up. Ahmed tries to comfort her. 

Rami orders an air strike where they know there will be causalities. 

Sammy comes around to donating the money, but insists on delivering it himself. 

Molly is asleep in bed with Jimmy. 

Daliyah stitches Barry's wound. He expresses his affection for Ahmos, and she shares some of her past with him. As they comfort each other, bombs go off outside the compound. Barry promises to take protect Daliyah.

Jamal watches the news which reports the air strike on Ma'an. 



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Tyrant Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Barry: I came here to get my country back.
Samira: You should get in line.

Can you actually save her? Or are you trying to save yourself?