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The Al Fayeeds are reeling from the deaths of Emma and Jamal.

Molly tortures herself imagining Emma's last moments, wandering around the palace in a stupor, insisting on getting the body back. She refuses to attend the Islamic ceremony for Emma, and attacks the maid who cleaned Emma's room. After seeing video of a Ma'anian mother grieving her children, she tries to kill herself with pills.

Barry works to strike back at the Caliphate, insisting on taking out the Sheik and Ihab. Daliyah tries to comfort Barry about Emma, and he finally breaks down.

Sammy seeks physical comfort from his professor, who wants a more substantive relationship. 

Al-Qadi announces his run for president, under the banner of a peaceful Islam. His brother in law is less than impressed when he denounces the violence of the Caliphate. After the training camp bombing, he condemns Barry for using American bombs to kill Ma'anian children.

Fauzi announces his candidacy after visiting Barry, running on a platform of modern secularism. 

Leila's sister visits her to discuss Leila's run for presidency, and brings in an international election consultant. Leila tells Ahmed that Barry is his real father when he worries that he's too much like Jamal. Her relationship with Cogswell quickly becomes physical when he reveals his wife is having an affair. 

The Sheik surrounds himself with children in Syria, telling insisting to Ihab that the army will be large enough when the time comes. Barry orders a strike against a training camp, not realizing that it is full of kids. Ihab releases video of the destruction and small bodies to raise public sentiment against the government.  


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Tyrant Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

You're the wife of a despised ex dictator. What makes you think anyone would vote for you?

James Kipfer [to Leila]

When our children die, we weep alone. Yet they expect the whole world to howl at the death of one of theirs.