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In the aftermath of the assassination attempt, Barry accepts the presidency, with Molly and Lea Exley. Rami is willing to back him, but his officers threaten to rebel unless Leila and Ahmed are taken into custody. Barry agrees, since the situation is extremely tense with Jamal hanging onto life. .The military starts arresting "enemies of the state" -- those that supported the Caliphate primarily -- but the arrests are sometimes bloody. Barry starts having nightmares after visiting Leila. Molly tries to be supportive, but Barry remains distant. He heads over to Daliyah's, where he proposes a Truth and Dignity Commission. She supports the idea, but thinks his plan to appoint her chairperson is crazy. Rami visits Nusrat in prison. When she asks why Ahmed hasn't visited her, he reassures her that her husband loves her but doesn't explain that Ahmed is also under arrest. Aziz the butler visits Leila and pledges that he'll always look out for her, above anyone else. When the military (via Colonel Maloof) objects to the Truth and Dignity Commission and plans for Nusrat and Jamal, Barry insists on having his way, telling them that if they don't support him, he'll leave Abuddin to the chaos of a disputed government. Ru'A's boyfriend inspires a new slogan, "From Red Hand to Blue Finger." At Barry's speech, he talks about the importance of forgiving your enemies before introducing Daliyah. While other prisoners are released, Rashid is sent to be held prisoner by another country. Two soldiers grab Nusrat and make it look as if she hung herself in her cell, all while Aziz watches. Molly worries about Daliyah and her presence in Barry's life. She meets with Daliyah to try and get more of a read on the situation, but it only leads to more questions and insecurity about her marriage. Leila and Barry meet to discuss her support of his administration and the TJC, and she demands the post of Foreign Secretary in exchange. Aziz brings news of Nusrat's death, devastating Ahmed and upsetting Leila. Rami holds his own grief close, but snaps at junior officers. Leila finds out that Aziz had Nusrat killed; he tells her that even though she never asked, his job is to anticipate. She admits that she once tried to kill Jamal. Ru'a and Sammy hang election posters, and she admits that she doubts she can even pretend to forgive. Sammy explain that you have to force yourself until it's true. Leila and the rest of the cabinet object to holding elections in six months since Barry will have an advantage at the polls, bolstered by their rolls in his government. He drops the bomb that he has no intention of running. Lea Exley doesn't take the news very well, making a call back to the states. Ahmed, still mourning for Nusrat, is upset that Leila has taken a role in the government, and pissed to find out that she doesn't think he should run for president in the upcoming election. Leila doesn't think that he's ready to lead; he needs to "develop calluses." He accuses her of being selfish, and she accepts the charge, saying that she deserves to aspire to be than a wife and mother. Barry and Molly discuss his decision to not run for president, and how their lives have changed. Molly challenges him about his feelings for her. He is unable to answer her directly, or without pause. Barry gets a call that Jamal has woken up. An ambassador visits Leila, and tells her and Barry that his government turned Rashid over to the Caliphate in return for not executing twenty-five of their nationals. General Cogswell and his men arrive in Qatar, meeting Exley on the tarmac. Rashid arrives in Syria, where the Caliph wants to use him as a rallying point to take control of Abuddin as the new headquarters for the caliphate.  

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Tyrant Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Nusrat: Jamal. Is he...?
Rami: No one know if he'll live or die. Bassam is president now.
Nusrat: Well...at least I did some good.

You can't let them take their revenge out on me, Bassam. Or on my son. How is that going to make anything better? If we die?