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As Molly, Sammy, and Barry deal with Emma's kidnapping, Ahmed and Leila find out that Jamal is in kidney failure and desperately needs a transplant. Over Leila's objections that he owes his father nothing, Ahmed gets tested for compatibility . He ends up going through family memento's to try and connect to his father. He ends up finding Nusrat's journal, which details Jamal's assault on her. Ahmed visits his father and ends up smothering him with a bed pillow. 

Molly tries to sneak around Barry in order to save Emma, but the military had been tapping various phone lines and finds out that Ihab contacted her to set up a meet. Emma tries to reason with Ihab and make peace, but he refuses. Cogswell and Maloof come up with a plan to use Molly to find out where Rashid is, and thereby liberate Emma. Barry convinces her to go along with the plan. They plan to ambush Ihab's caravan at a border crossing, but the mission goes sideways when local residents come to Rashid's defense and kill the Abuddinian military staging the rescue. Ihab stabs Emma and Molly and Barry watch her die via drone satellite image. 

While upset and confused about the situation with Emma, Sammy turns to his (married) professor, who gently pushes him away when Sammy puts the moves on him.

Halima continues her public speeches for peace and forgiveness, but is attacked by a girl throwing waste at her. She later visits the girl and her brother at their mosque, where they are both hostile and the brother makes threatening statements towards the Al Fayeeds, which Halima reports. 

Fauzi visits the TJC and sees Daliyah in action. He watches the testimony of a woman who was forced to become a Caliphate bride and developed Stockholm syndrome feelings for her husband. He urges her parents to forgive her, relating her situation to his own daughter's. He asks Daliyah if he can have dinner with her, and they discuss their former spouses and future romantic prospects. 

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Tyrant Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Sammy: I think it will always surprise me to see you pray. You still believe...in God? With everything that's happening?
Barry: I'm trying.

All of us are victims. The dead and the living.