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Barry and Daliyah continue their affair, but things get complicated when Fauzi proposes to her. Daliyah is traumatized by an attack on the Truth and Dignity Commission, causing her to want more from Barry, but she is disgusted by his violent response to her attackers. Eventually, she tells Fauzi that he shouldn't wait for her.

After the attack on the TDC, Al-Qadi goes to meet Ihab in secret. Ihab rejects his plea to let the elections go forward in peace and prepares to kill Al-Qadi, only to be stopped by Sheik Abdullah. The sheik tells a bewildered Ihab that he will understand later. Abdullah leaks photos of the meeting to Abuddinian forces, making it look like the two men met on good terms. When Al-Qadi returns, he finds out that his absence was noticed, and that his wife and brother in law were both questioned about his whereabouts. As he's about to head to his mosque to denounce the Caliphate, he is arrested by Maloof, and Barry ends up banning him from the election due to treasonous activity.

Leila is shaken by the attack on the TDC, and speaks out against the attackers, announcing that she will be the first to testify when the Commission resumes it's hearings. Her political advisor tells her that she would have more leverage against Fauzi if she were to resign her position, but she refuses. Her sister tries to convince her once more to end her relationship with Cogswell, but Leila refuses, telling Safiya that she is in love for the first time in twenty five years. After Barry banishes Al-Qadi, Leila resigns her cabinet position and moves out of the palace. She finds out that Ahmed is staying and has accepted a commission in the military under Maloof in order to get closer to Barry.

Haitham gets called in by Barry to "discuss" his political blog, which is being promoted by the Caliphate. Sammy sees him being taken in and jumps to the wrong conclusion as to why. When he confronts Barry about his assumptions, he ends up outing his relationship with Haitham to his father, who is upset that Sammy would choose a radical anti-government professor to sleep with, and at such a sensitive time. Sammy tells his father that he knows about Barry's affair with Daliyah. When Sammy reveals that Barry knows about the relationship, Haitham ends things between them.

Al-Qadi's brother and his family are denied refugee status due to Al-Qadi's Caliphate sympathies. The niece begs Saddiq to grant them asylum, first offering a cuneiform tablet her father smuggled out  of Syria, and then taking off her hijab and exposing herself to him. He turns her down, telling her there are worse things than living in a camp. 

Ahmed continues to try and get close to Barry, but doesn't reveal his new found knowledge about his paternity. 

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Tyrant Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

It's nice when families can have activities they can do together. We kill each other. We bury each other.


Family's a screwed up thing, isn't it? Democracy, too.