Derailed starts with Betty waking from a dream of Claire in Betty's room and then a dream of Henry and his girlfriend in her room.  Alexis and Daniel come in to the office and Wilhelmina sees them bonding.  Daniel gives Betty his invite to the Stella McCartney party.  Betty tells him that Claire confessed to killing Fey Sommers.  Daniel initially does not believe it.  She says a lot when she's drunk.  Wilhelmina, Marc and Christina plot (well Christina doesn't want to) to stop Alex and Daniel reconnecting.  She realizes that Alexis is only close with Daniel because she has no friends.  She sends Marc to befriend to Christina to get her on her side.  Bradford tells Daniel to get Grace Chin as his lawyer.  However, we find out through a conversation with Daniel and Becks that Daniel stood up Grace in college and she'll never represent his father.  She used to be an uggo.

Christina gets a phone call from Sarah Jessica Parker's people, they asked her to make a dress for her for the Oscars!  Betty meets Charlie at lunch and they become friends and Betty invites her to the Stella McCartney party.  Henry comes by and introduces Charlie as his girlfriend.  Ouch.  Wilhelmina, knowing Alexis has no friends since she faked her death, comes to invite her to a girls night out.  One good friend is all you need.  Betty tries to hide from Henry but when Amanda gives her location away, Henry finds her.  You sure it's not awkward?  Why?  There is no us.

Daniel and Grace Chin (Lucy Liu) have a meeting to discuss the case, and it turns out she's now hot!  Grace tells him she's not taking it and only came to see the look on his face when she rejected him.  Later in the episode, Daniel plans a cute night to make up for the New Year's Eve date they never had.  Grace tells him the only way she'll take the case is if he calls every girl he ever hurt in college and apologies.  He starts to do it and then she's so turned on they get it on.  However, we find out he was really calls Becks and just pretending.  Sleazeball!  I love it.  While Daniel and Grace are laying together, we find out the case should be easy, it's all circumstantial evidence and the key witness in Blue Astin Martin is unable to be found.  He knows that's his mother!  At the end of the epiosde Claire visits Bradford and tells him she's going to turn herself in.

Betty and Charlie are on the way to the party in the freezing blizzard and Betty ditches Charlie all by herself on the train int he hopes she'll hate NYC and want to leave.  How un-Betty.  She calls Henry over to he subway and she admits to Henry she ditches Charlie on purpose.  Outside, without a Charlie, Betty and Henry talks and Betty admits she broke up with Walter for him.  She later then says it wasn't about him and the two are just about to kiss when Charlie shows up.  Suddenly after being stuck on the train she loves NYC and wants to stay.  Betty gives the two of them the party invite and tells them to go together.

Wilhelmina and Alexis go to a slum bar on their way to the opera.  Some random guy, Joel (played by Jerry O'Connell, Rebecca's real life mate!), comes to hit on Alexis.  However, we find out after he gets her number it was just for a bet from his friends.  He knows who she is and that she's a shemale.  Wilhelmina comes over and knocks him out and says that's what friends are for.  On the car ride home she finds out Alexis is no longer stickign to the plan and not going to honor her deal with Wilhelmina.  She leaves.

Marc goes down to Christina to become her new BFF and help her with the dress.  Due to the blizzard she can't get any fabric and they have to get creative making the dress.  After a fun montage they make the dress.  Wilhelmina returns from her night and tells Marc and Christina they need to hatch a new plan.  When Christina says she's not apart of it, Wilhelmina leaves, and shortly after Christina geta a phone calls from Sarah Jessica Parker.  They're going with a different designer.  Wilhelmina works quickly doesn't she?

Justin, Santos and Hilda
Hilda starts off cutting Igancio's hair as practice.  Hilda and Santos are supposed to take Justin to see to see Hairspray int he city.  Though Santos plans on ditching them to watch the game, he comes on the subway.  On the subway, the power goes out and they're stuck.  Justin decides to catch Santos up by re-enacitng the beginning to the play.  However, when some randomt tells Justin to stop and calls him a fairy, Santos steps up and threatens the guy and tells Justin to continue he wants to know how it ends.  Aww, Santos might become a good dad.

Ugly Betty
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Ugly Betty Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

Wilhelmina: I want you to make sure that pasty seamstress stays on our side, become her best friend, be her new Betty
Marc: I guess I have to start eating potatoes

Maybe daddy told Daniel and Alexis if they didn't play nice he'd take away their private planes