Betty and Henry
As Betty returns from Mexico on a mission to fighter for her love, Betty meets with Henry in the copy room and finds out Henry and Charlie have broken up.  The two decide to have their first date together!  Betty goes to her orthodontist for a cleaning for the date and they find a cavity she needs to return the next day for.  As Betty is preparing dinner for their date, Charlie shows up and reveals she's pregnant.  Henry shows up for the date and Betty sends him off to talk to Charlie.  The next day, Henry tells Betty he's moving to Tuscon to help raise his child.  Betty returns to her orthodontist and finds out that Dr. Farcus has been seeing a cute red named Charlie who also makes jewelry.  She brought Darcus to Charlie's birthday party.  Could she have introduced them and Charlie's been cheating on Henry and it's not his kid!?

Wilhelmina's Wedding
Bradford proposing to Wilhelmina, who tries to have a June wedding at St. Patrick's Cathedral until she found out Fabia took her date.  Wilhelmina agrees to give up Marco to Fabia in exchange for the date.  Wilhelmina eventually gives the date back to get back Marc.. phew.

Daniel and Alexis
Daniel tells Betty his blackeye was from saving a girl scout from Central Park.  Alexis, who knows Daniel is lying and stole that story from her, convinces Betty to have a press release where Alexis embarasses Daniel.  Later Daniel goes to his father's and finds out he's divorcing his mother and marrying Wilhelmina.  Daniel goes to Alexis' office to tell her he's stepping down and begins rambling about family.  Alexis notices Daniel is heavily drugged and grabs her dad's car to drive him to the hospital.  On the trip, she realizes the hitman she hired to kill her father cut the breaklines and the two get into a crash.

Clarie's Prison Break
At prison, Claire, along with some inmmates, hatch a plan to escape.  When the four of them are being transported, Claire tells the driver the diabetic inmate is having a reaction and he comes back with the med kit.  One inmate chokes her with her handcuffs and Claire steals the gun from him and they make a break for it.

Christina and Amanda Trapped
At Mode, Christina and Amanda end up getting locked int he love dungeon.  Thw two get very drunk and we learn two secrets from the ladies.  One, Christina has a husband, Stuart, back in Scotland.  Two, Amanda is actually Fey Sommers' daughter!

Hilda, Justin and Santos

Meanwhile, Justin feeds walnuts to the lead in West Side Story who's allergic to them in order to steal his part.  Santos, on his way to come see his son in his play, stops by a convenience store to get gifts.  Hilda is at the show waiting for her fiance who still has not arrived.  Meanwhile, the convenience store is being robbed and when the clerk is attacked, Santos goes to defend him.  The guy ends up shooting Santos. Betty comes to Hilda to let her know that Santos is dead.  The episode ends with Hilda crying and Justin in West Side Story.  Wow.

Ugly Betty
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Ugly Betty Season 1 Episode 23 Quotes

Inhale Ricky Martin, exhale Colin Farrell


Marc: What took you so long?
Amanda: I had to wait for Christina to go to the bathroom. That woman retains water like a two humped camel.