Betty is doing Daniel's expense account with Henry when he sees some mistletoe on her monitor and kisses her!  Suddenly Betty wakes up from a dream and rolls over to see a picture of her and Walter.  Ugh.  Daniel is in bed with Sofia who wants to take a break while she's away.  He thinks he's in love because everytime he sees her his heart beats faster and his palms sweat. She wants him to date other women to make sure it's love and not lust.  Betty tells Hilda about the dream who tells her not to feel guilty.. it's a dream!  Hilda on her way out drives over Gina's Christmas tree.  Marc and Wilhelmina are the office and Marc steals her whole wheat bagel because now they share everything now that he knows about the bandaged woman.

During a staff meeting, Daniel announces they will be having the holiday party at the office to save money.  He also announces Betty's new job.  After the meeting, Daniel brings Betty into his office and tells her about what Sofia wants him to do and says he doesn't want to cheat and wants to propose and shows her the 6 rings he's considering.  Unfortunately, it looks like a client will be sending over their latest lingerie... on live models.  Betty is on mission to find her replacement for Daniel and, eager for the job, Amanda offers to help on setting up the party for under $500.  Betty then runs into Henry who will be overseeing the budget.  Her heart beats faster and her palms sweat.  Aww, she's so in love!

We find out from Daniel one of the lingerie models is his ex-girlfriend and his first... supermodel.  Betty goes to a Probuy party with Walter and sees what her future self could be.. a woman that used to work in Manhattan but now never leaves Queens.  Marc is hiding in Wilhelmina's office when she makes a phone call to the bandaged woman and tells her don't worry, Marc will be silenced permanently.  Amanda is going through the rings in Daniel's office and puts one on and can't get it off.

Betty is still talking with the manager's wife and Betty says she doesn't think she found the one... though Walter told her husband Betty's the one.  Bradford meets with Mr. Green in the elevator and finds out the Fey Sommers really is dead.  So who have they been seeing?  Marc goes into Wilhelmina's office and she asks for his home address.  Uh oh.  Betty still can't find a replacement for herself and even though Amanda is kicking butt planning the party, Betty does not feel she's the right person for the job given her history with Daniel.  Henry shows up with ornaments to try and save money for the party but it's too late, Amanda took care of everything.  We find out Henry is from Tuscon.  A man that actually moved from his birthplace unlike Walter...

Hilda is going over Justin's Christmas list when she notices Gina messed with decorations outside.  Henry and Betty are at her desk and her dream is almost perfectly reenacted only she stops the kiss!  Betty notices the ring on Amanda's hand.  On the way to the party, some strange guy in all black gets in the elevator with Marc and asks him if he knows "Marc St James."  Uh oh.

At the party, which Amanda did a great job setting up, Amanda tries to prove to Betty she's no longer in love with Daniel and out for his best interests.  She tries to run interference with his ex-girlfriend supermodel who keeps trying to sleep with him.  Marc is busy trying to escape from the man in black until Wilhelmina and the man confront Marc... come with us.  Betty and Henry do some cute flirting throughout the party.

Back at the Suarez house, Hilda comes in with the head of Gina's reindeer.  Ignacio tells Hilda to give it a rest.  Gina's family is out of town for the holidays.  Hilda goes outside to see Gina injured her foot and she invites her inside.  Back at Mode, Wilhelmina nad the man in black take Marc down to the dark parking garage... and give him a new car!  They bought his silence with a Hummer.  Betty tells Daniel he found him a new assistant.. Amanda.  Daniel gives her a gift...a  business card holder with her new MYW business cards.  How about the other gifts she got throughout the day?  Not from Daniel.  She thinks Henry.  Daniel meanwhile calls Sofia and tells her he loves her.  The ring drops off Amanda's finger.  Betty sees Henry kissing another girl and leaves and Henry tries to chase after her ut is too late.

Betty comes home to find Gina at her house... did hell freeze over?  Ted shows up at Wilhelmina's office and her heart is beating and palms sweating... she's in love!  Hilda tells Betty that Walter loves her so much and it's a shame she doesn't appreciate it.  Walter then shows up and it turns out all the gifts were from her and he gives final gift.. a calendar.  Henry then calls for Betty but Hilda doesn't give Betty the call and never gives Betty the message.  Walter explains the calendar of Manhattan, he wants to be a part of her new life.  Betty looks down at her palms... no sweat... she's still not in love.

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Ugly Betty Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Would it be wrong if we threw [Betty] a going away party and didn't invite her?


Ignacio: That girl has the vocal chords of a large cat
Hilda: I heard that
Ignacio: ...and the ears of whatever hears best
Betty: A dolphin