Episode 4 begins with Betty, Marc, and Amanda at a networking even at The Rack.  Marc and Amanda brought Betty there to embarrass her but much to their shagrin, she seems to be a big hit, especially with a guy Carlo from Isabella.  We won't see much of their night there as it is told through flashbacks later int he episode.  All we basically see is Betty being a hit with the other assistants and fat Carol being.. well fat.  Back at the office, Bradford is there to sign off on holiday spread but is busy running around looking for something.  He then comes down to the photo shoot of a post apocalyptic holiday.  Wilhelmina then goes to visit the bandaged woman and we see they have the music box!

Back at Betty's, it's Tamale night and the family has her ex-boyfriend Walter over!  Amanda heads back to Daniel's where she recalls how egotistical Betty got after a drink and how much she opened her mouth.  Marc is then with Wilhelmina and recalls a similar version.  We go back to Betty's house to find out Justin wants to go in with Betty the next day to help him write a report for school.

When Betty gets into the office with Justin they get into the office we find out Isabella stole their holiday spread idea.  They call a meeting to find out who the leak was... Betty goes to raise her hand and Amanda and Marc stop her!  Bradford then meets with his shady guy to tell him the music box is missing... who else knows about his affair with Fey? Just his wife.

After the meeting in the bathroom, Marc, Amanda, and Betty  all have flashbacks about the things they told Carlo about the spread.  They agree to lie, even Betty is in.  Walter is over at Ignacio's fixing the remove while Ignacio sneaks sips at his coffee and helps tell him how to win Betty back.  A call comes for Ignacio to confirm his 2:00 doctor's appt, he cancels.  Wilhelmina and Daniel then share an elevator and decide to team up and not tell Bradford of the leak... Daniel does new shoot while Wilhelmina figures out who leaked.

The bandaged woman calls for Daniel but Betty won't transfer unless she gives her name.  She says one of Bradford's secrets is in the music box.  We then get a montage of Amanda ordering lunch and pigging out while Wilhelmina begins interviewing people one department at a time.  Betty goes down to visit Christina and leave Justin with her.  On Betty's way out of the office, Bradford stops her to find out what the lady who keeps calling said... Bradford says she's probably an old designer.  Betty comes back with food and Daniel tells her she can go home.  She tries to confess to being the leak but Daniel says she doesn't have to tell him everything... especially if it means he'd lose her.

Marc goes to bring Wilhelmina dinner and when she asks if Carlo was at the rack he runs out freaking out.  Back at Betty's, Justin tries to tell Hilda all about the day but she doesn't care.  Marc and Amanda come over to tell Betty they have a meeting with Wilhelmina at 10:00.  Wilhelmina and Daniel discuss ideas and decide to go back to the old sleigh idea spread that had Fey in it.  Back at Betty's, the three plot and decide to blame it on fat Carol.  Ignacio tells Betty sometimes you have to hold secrets to survive.

At work, fat Carol enters the elevator with Amanda, Marc, and Betty and tells Betty she'll miss having someone fatter than her at the office.  Oooh Betty is so in now.  In Daniel's office, he has the music box playing, apparently his father bought two... one for mistress and one for wife.  Betty comes in and shows him the secret compartment in the box, it has part of Fey's license plate and burnt sun glasses.  Justin comes back into the office to finish his paper and Hilda calls Betty, Justin made the whole thing up.  Betty yells at Justin and tells him he's not gonna get very far for lying... Betty suddenly realizes that herself.

At the meeting, Marc begins to blame everything on fat Carol but when Betty is asked to confirm, she confesses to telling Carlo everything.  Turns out it really was fat Carol!  She slept with Carlo and told him everything.  She gets the axe.  Betty goes to the new photoshoot and Bradford shows up.  Daniel puts down his mother's music box, identical to Fey's, in the center of the sleigh showing his father he knows.

The HMO calls Betty and tells her Ignacio has been using the SSN of a man who is 117 years old.  The bandaged woman calls Wilhelmina saying the plot is working... father and son are being driven apart.  Wilhelmina calls Carlo into her office... she wants to hire him to spy.  Betty goes home and Hilda is telling at Justin.  Betty doesn't say anything to her father about the fake SSN yet.  She hears Walter outside singing her favorite song from Beauty and the Beast.  Goes outside and sits with him.

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Ugly Betty Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Daniel: I'd like to see more skin
Wilhelmina: It's a post nuclear scene, exposed skin would melt off their bodies

Amanda: Ground rules: Stop with the chatty, don't stand so close to me, and no one eats the grilled cheese
Betty: She's eating one
Marc: Of course fat carol is eating one, what did you expect?