"Icing on the Cake" start off with Betty at the orthodontist where she tells him about her problems with Henry and he shows a little interest as he places his hand on her.  Daniel wakes up next to Grace and when he hears Grace need to speak to his mother, he heads off to hide Claire from Grace so she can't confess to the crime.  Henry and Charlie come up to Betty and invite her to Charlie's birthday.  Alexis visits Wilhelmina with a peace offering... a scarf.

Betty comes in with a bunch of gifts from the orthodontist.. someone likes her!  Betty finds out Daniel was sleeping with Grace and he tells her to tell no one.  Betty immediately tells Christina and we find out Daniel took a dress from the closet for Grace.  Henry comes down to visit Betty in the closet and gives her directions.. awkward.  Betty calls the orthodontist, Dr. Farcus, and sets up an emergency appointment.  Alexis comes storming into Daniel's staff meeting and is freaking out that Grace Chin is representing Bradford.  Daniel tells her he doesn't know anything about hiring Grace.  Sure.  At her appointment, Betty asks Dr. Farcus out to Charlie's dinner that night.

Wilhelmina comes down to the closet and finds out the missing dress was given to Grace Chin and realizes she can use the fact that Daniel is sleeping with Grace to get between him and Alexis.  Claire meets with Grace and Marc is nearby to spy.  Daniel shows up and when he pulls Grace away to distract her with some loving, Marc takes a picture of them.  Dr. Farcus and Betty arrive at the party and it's very obvious that Henry and Betty have the vibe.  Betty has to leave the party early to come deliver a corporate credit card to Claire.  She brings Dr. Farcus with her.

Wilhelmina brings the video to Alexis who freaks out when she sees it.  Grace is telling Daniel she knows Claire did it and Alexis comes barging in.  After threatening to show the video of them together if she doesn't drop the case, Grace tells them off and leaves.  Daniel tells Alexis that it was there mother that did it and she just blew their only chance of getting Claire off.

Claire, Betty, and Dr. Farcus all go back to Betty's.  There, everyone confuses Dr. Farcus with Henry to the point of alienating him until he leave.  Betty tries to keep Claire at her house until she leaves to turn herself in.  Betty tells Henry she can no longer hang out with him and Charlie anymore.

Hilda, Ignacio and Constance
While Ignacio tries to discuss his case, Constance tries to make Ignacio dance and even tries to kiss him.  Later while Hilda is doing Constance's hair, she convinces Constance that Igaacio is a ladies man and she can do better.  At the end, thinking Claire is Ignacio's other woman, Constance creepily puts a tracking device on Igancio.

After stealing designer Oswald Lorenzo from another woman at a party, Amanda gets a gift from the designer sent via courier.  He said she was his muse and sends her an original dress he calls "The Amanda."  The dress is rubgber and extremely small.  She wears it throughout the day and looks ridiciulous and even needs Christina to help her down from the toilet when she tried to pee.  At the end, Amanda gets another package and this time it's a goofy looking hat.  We find out the girl she screwed over at the party was the one sending the gifts to make Amanda look like a fool.

Ugly Betty
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Ugly Betty Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

[Alexis comes barging in during a Mode staff meeting...]
Alexis [screaming]: We have a big problem!
Daniel: Crazy time begins in an hour, we're having a meeting now

Claire: This is kidnapping
Daniel: You're not blindfolded in the trunk of a car, this is a deluxe suite in the Grand Regent...
Claire: It doesn't even have a park view, I might as well be tied to a chair having my ear sliced off