Episode 14 opens with Hilda eating cookie dough and bumming out in front of the tv.  Betty is looking super busy on her fancy bluetooth headset prepping things for Fashion Week.  Hilda asks Betty to get a job at Mode, but Betty refuses... things never are good when they work together.  At the office, Bradford and Daniel discuss how Bradford is announcing Daniel as the new head of Meade Publications at a press conference.  Amanda and Marc talk at the office about Marc's plot to make extra cash by stealing a design from Fashion Week and selling it to a crappy mall store (a parody of Forever 21).  Amanda wants in but Marc wants to do it solo. Fabia comes into Wilhelmina's office and is pissed to find out Eduardo gave Wilhelmina her dress.  Fabia tells her about a new procedure where they inject duck sperm to remove wrinkles.

Henry comes to see Betty and in the middle of their cute conversation, Hilda comes barging in with a bunch of resumes.  Henry mentions he's talk to Hilda on the phone.  Becks comes barging in and tackles Daniel.  His friend wants to make Fashion Week a booty competition, but Daniel wants to take it seriously this year.  Daniel sees Hilda at the office and offers her a job during fashion week.  Betty visits Christina to complain about Hilda working at Mode.  Christina hates all her designs that are going to be featured.  Igancio is back at home working with Constance on his case and she breaks down in tears.  She's been dumped by her ex.  Wilhelmina goes to Dr. Wong's to have the procedure and is on the phone with Alexis... by this time tomorrow Daniel will be gone.  Alexis wants to see what Daniel always thought of his big brother.  On Hilda and Betty's way out of the house, Justin stops thems and forces them to take him.

Wilhelmina wakes up from the procedure freaking out in front of a mirror.  At fashion week, Becks tries to get Daniel to make their standard bet for who gets the hottest piece.  Daniel at first says no, but when he sees the hot Alexis enter, he agrees to the bet.  Eww!  That's his brother!  Err sister!  Wilhelmina is temporarily blind from the procedure and needs Marc as her eye.  Marc calls Amanda and needs her in on his plan as he'll be distracted with Wilhelmina.  Walter is over at Ignacio's when Cosntance shows up with some chocolate and plans on cooking gumbo for Ignacio.  Uh oh.  Becks is busy hitting on Alexis when Daniel shows up and steals her away.  Walter and Ignacio hatch a plan to get Constance out of there... get her back with her byfriend.

Hilda is talking with some models and gets invited to an after party.  A jealous Betty shows up and Hilda gets her invited as well.  Wilhelmina is running around blind with Marc.   Amanda is at a Betsey Johnson show and finds the item she and Marc are looking for!  Hilda and Betty have a fight about the angle of the gift bags.  Betty is pisssed.  Henry shows up and makes Betty laugh and he asks why she never called him back.  Hiiiillldddaaa!!!  Hilda is busy helping out with hair at Christina's request when Betty comes sotrming in.  They end up arguing and setting a model's hair on fire and she ends it by firing Hiulda.  Daniel is outside talking to Alexis when Betty comes over freaking out to Betty.  Daniel calms her down and Alexis is impressed... you're not the same Daniel.  How do you know the old Daniel?  Oh, I used to date your brother, Alex.

Marc and Amanda go to steal the skirt they discovered and Amanda sends Marc to flirt with the model to get it off her.  Alexis asks Daniel what he thought about Alex.  After his response, Alexis reveals who she is and shows a tattoo as proof.  Alexis and Daniel get into a heated discussion.  Alexis said she did it because she thought she was in the wrong skin since she was five.  Daniel tells her she has no idea what she put the family through.  Daniel tries to escape it all with booze.  Becks goes to hit on Amanda and she sends him to go steal the skirt.  Betty runs into Katherine McPhee who when she hears Suarez, asks if she's Hilda's sister.  Ouch.  Ignacio calls Constance's ex over by ordering a cab from his service.  Wilhelmina goes to Christina and tells her she needs to replace her final model. 

Betty finds Daniel making out with Hilda.  She goes off on Hilda and tells her Mode is her and she's sick of living in Hilda's shadow.  Hilda tells her in the big picture, Betty is winning.  Betty finds out Hilda only kept Henry's message from her to protect her.  At the fashion show, it turns out the final model Wilhelmina substituted in was Alexis.  Wilhelmina comes on stage to announce the designer, Christina, and Bradford.  Bradford comes up to talk and Alexis steals the mike and comes out to the world who she is.  The cops come in and arrested Bradford for the murder of Fey Sommers.

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Ugly Betty Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

Justin: Are you talking to Posh?
Betty: No, but I'm talking to the people that talk to her
Justin: Betty rules

Betty [on hidden bluetooth]: Betty Suarez
Ignacio: I know, I named you