Episode 13 begins with the Suarez family at a restaurant with Betty complaining about losing her job and Hilda doing the same as Herbalux has been recalled.  We find out Betty is working as the chip girl at the restaurant the family is eatting at.  Bradford's shady guy is meeting with the bandaged woman and he asks for a million dollars for the evidence.  The bandaged woman tells Wilhelmina she needs to be ready for a takeover and remove anyone she can't trust.  On television we see the results of the Herbalux with a bald woman and a drunk Hilda angry.  Betty then leaves to go refill Daniel's fridge before he gets back from Rio.  Marc it taking photos of people around the office and Marc and Wilhelmina use the photos to create a board to see who to keep and who to fire.  Wilhelmina wants to get rid of Amanda due to her relationship with Daniel and Marc is not happy.

We cut over to Fashion TV with Kathie Griffin reporting that Daniel is in Rio.  However, when we seee Daniel, we find him sitting in his own filth in his apartment eatting Chinese.  Betty arrives at Daniel's and he tries to hide in the closet, but she finds him.  We fine out Daniel never went to Rio and that he wants to hire Betty back when he returns to Mode.  At home, Hilda wants advice on which dress to wear.. she has four interviews lined up!  Daniel is on his way to the office and see MYW cover story of him and Sofia everywhere... he chooses to use the stairs to avoid running into her.  The next day in the office, Daniel and Betty return and Amanda is forced to share the position with Betty.   Amanda tries to take the position of power and sends Betty off to get Daniel's bagel.  Uh oh, power struggle.  Hilda returns from her interviews and didn't get the job, but she did receive a thank you for the cupcakes Ignnacio made for Justin's teacher.  A thank you that said she'd even pay for the cupcakes.

Betty returns with a bagel to the depressed Daniel and tries to cheer him up with the model photo shoot.  Doesn't care.  Let Wilhelmina take care of it.  Betty decides she's going to set Daniel up with someone.   Betty goes tdown to visit Christina in the closet to pick out girls for Daniel.  She sees Christina's original design and tells her to submit it to Mode.  She does but it's Wilhelmina who chooses.  Hilda comes home with a new job.. her own company!  Grandma Surez is going to bake some cupcakes.  She's sold 500 of them to a local diner and Ignacio gets the honor of baking them.  Bradford comes to visit Daniel and tells him it was nice of him to return for fashion week, but next time he has to let his mother kno, she already lost one son.  Amanda overhears Betty is setting up Daniel and runs to Marc who shows her the board and tells her if she doesn't screw over Betty she's not gonna stay under the new regime.

Betty comes in to tell Daniel his setup... Giselle.  He agrees to the date.  Amanda, meanwhile, calls Giselle's people and pretends to be Betty and cancels the date.  Daniel goes to the restaurant and is stuck sitting alone as the paparzzi take plenty of humiliating pictures.  Betty comes home to find Hilda running a sweatshop and Justin and Igancio pleaing for her to save them.  They're not the only ones in need of rescuing as Daniel calls Betty to say he was stood up.  Betty shows up at dinner to let him know Giselle isn't showing up... and to be his dinner date.  He's not eatting salone, he's eating with his assistan.  Marc is taking new photos of Amanda to put on the "in" side of the board. 

Betty and Daniel manage to escape the papazzi and go to grab some "real" food at a pizza joint.  Wilhelmina meets with the bandaged woman who says they need someone to deliver the evidence to the police that's not involved.  Wilhelmina looks at Christina who's inbetween the "in" and "out" on her board.  Wilhelmina goes downstairs to visit Christina and basically tells her she'll accept her dress if she does her a favor.  Christina says no.  Betty and Daniel talk over a slice of pizza and Daniel tells Betty how lucky she is to have "it" with Henry.  Betty insist she doesn't.  Daniel and Betty then sing "I Got You Babe" on kareoke for half off on their meal.  We get a montage to the song of Amanda is clearing out her desk,  Hilda heads off to deliver the cupcakes and tucks in Justin on her way out, someone is cutting the bandages off the bandaged woman, and Christina stars at her designs.

Hilda treturns with $180 from her cupcake business than has spent $230 to make the product.  Ignacio quits on Hilda.   Daniel and Betty, who just crashed a wedding for cake, walk on the bridge and they talk about Alex and how he died (jumping out of a helicopter on a ski trip) and about why Betty doesn't go after Henry.  She tells him it's because she doesn't want to compete any models (like his ex-girlfriend that kissed Henry at the party) and Daniel tells her that his ex probably kissed 5 guys that night and that Betty is better than any model.  After her long date, Betty comes home to Hilda who's complaining about her failed life and wonders what it would have been like if she never had Justin and went to college.  Justin overhears.

The next day Daniel tries to take the stairs and Betty makes him take the elevator  Christina goes to Wilhelmina and asks what she needs to do.  Amanda gives Betty back he rdesk and asks for her old job back.. with a raise.  Oh and we find out the bandaged woman is Alex Meade post surgery... and is now Alexis Meade!

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Ugly Betty Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Marc: Christina...
Wilhelmina: I will need a talented seamstress
Marc: Her works is impeccable
Wilhelmina: I can't understand a word she's saying
Marc [in Scottish accent]: Have a crumpet governor...
Marc: So annoying

Marc: When you move into Daniel's office, I am not sitting in Betty's old chair. This bum does not slum
Wilhelmina: Not what I've heard