Betty's Trio of Problems: Daniel, Christina and Henry
After Daniel tries to ask Betty for help with Petra she goes outside to get him a bagel and runs into Henry and Charlie fighting. Christina then tries to apologize again.  Betty comes home to her family who advises her to forgive everyone.  Hilda reminds her of her anti-prom friend, Trina DiPaolo, her best friend until she ditched on their anti-prom.

When Daniel is unable to get Alexis to put Petra on the cover, he's left with two choices: either pay them off or quit his position as Editor in Chief.  Henry comes to question Daniel when he cuts a check for $75,000 under miscellaneous expense.  Daniel tells him not to worry about it, he's going to sign over his position to Alexis.  Just as he's about to sign, Betty and Henry see Lena and Petra walk in.  Betty remembers seeing Lena buying cigarettes before and realizes she's over 18.  The two team up to steal the purses of the ladies and they find out she's twenty!   Daniel tears up the contract and Betty and Henry celebrate their victory and Charlie walks in to see them.  Betty also manages to repair her relationship with Christina and even forgives her old high school friend.

Betty also resumed her friendship with Christina and as the two talked, Christina told Betty that she could offer info on Wilhelmina's schemes, if she was interested. Betty also decided to forgive her former high school friend as well.

Alexis' First Time
Bradford tries to offer Alexis $10 million to disappear and let Daniel run the company to which Alexis refuses.  Later, Alexis catches the eye of Rodrigo, the creative director of Mode Brazil who's in town doing a shoot.  Rodrigo asks her out on a date, fully aware of her surgery.  Wilhelmina encourages Alexis to do it and the two go out and have sex.  The following day, Rodrigo asks Alexis to come with him to Brazil  We find out that Rodrigo is being paid by Bradford to get her out of the country and that Wilhelmina had been orchestrating the plan!

Wilhelmina and Bradford
Wilhelmina attempts to end her sexual relationship with Bradford by swapping out his Viagra with placebo pills.  Additionally, Bradford tells Wilhelmina the same thing he told Fey, he will never divorce Claire.

Amanda's Designer
Amanda meets a cute new designer, Tavares, a man who pretends to be gay in order to make it in the fashion business.  Amanda goes back to his place, believing him to be gay, to help him with his designs.  When she finds out he's straight, the two of them do it and she tells him she has a plan to still help him.

Ignacio, Hilda and Santos
Hilda has been sneaking out to see Santos so Ignacio does not find out.  However, Ignacio finds out and sits down with Santos and tells him to just leave before he hurts his daughter again.  Santos returns with a wedding ring and asks Hilda to marry him.  Ignacio still doesn't approve and Hilda initially says no but eventually accepts.  Ignacio then tells them that he is being deported to Mexico!!

Ugly Betty
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Ugly Betty Season 1 Episode 20 Quotes

A job is not about making friends, it's about making money and stealing office supplies. By the way, we are out of coffee filters


Betty: What are you doing sneaking in my window like your back in high school?
Hilda: I was out last night, with Santos, but I don't want Papi to know or Justin, yet. I mean I don't know if this is I love you or I love you naked
Betty: OK, so you are back in high school