The episode begins with Betty trying to handle things at the office while Daniel is at home sleeping with women and sleeping off hangovers.  Quincy Combs (Leslie Jordan), a gossip author, comes into Daniel's office looking for dirt on Daniel.  Christina sees how obsessed Betty has become with Daniel and invites her to a nightclub with her that night.  When they arrive at the club, Betty is unable to escape Daniel as she sees him and Becks partying with two models, Petra (AnnaLynne McCord) and Lena (Ivana Milicevic).  Betty thinks she sees Quincy coming to take pictures of Daniel and gets on the DJ's microphone to warn him.  Daniel tells Betty when the day is over she needs to punch out and leave him alone.

Betty and Christina head out of the club and Christina confesses to selling out Betty and everyone to Wilhelmina to get where she is.  Betty says her friendship with the only person she ever trusted at Mode is over.  Daniel, meanwhile, ends up going home with Petra and when Lena comes over, he finds out she was only sixteen and Lena is her mother.  Lena tries to use Daniel's potential statutory rape as blackmail to get her daughter on the cover.  He tries to call Betty but she does not take his call... she's punched out.

Wilhelmina spends the episode attempting to seduce Bradford as part of her plan to take over Mode.  She learns from Quincy and the Fey Sommers diaries he has that Bradford has a little foot fetish. 

Amanda spends the episode trying to kiss up to Alexis and replace her current assistant, Nick Pepper.  Alexis is spending the episode trying to find Fey and Bradford's secret sex dungeon, that was in the Fey Diaries that Quincy has, in order to find evidence to clear her mother.  She learns from the diaries how her father felt about her and she tries to call him, but Wilhelmina is already in his office seducing him and sends the call to voicemail.

Poor Ignacio is continuing to get harassed by Constance.  She makes him meet her at her place for dinner to meet his lawyer.  However, when Ignacio's real caseworker shows up to the Suarez house, we find out Constance was fired months ago. Meanwhile, Constance is trying to convince Ignacio to marry her and that the lawyer dropped the case and this is the only way he'll become a citizen.  Constance locks Ignacio in her house and Hilda comes to her rescue.  However, luckily, Ignacio is able to talk to Constance and finds out she's just heart broken.  He doesn't want to call the cops on her and she lets him out just fine.

Meanwhile, Ignacio feels the heat when Constance pressures him to make their relationship a romantic one despite his non-attraction to her, knowing that her demands stands in the way of him obtaining a green card so he can stay in the United States. So despite warnings by Hilda not to go, Ignacio believes it's the only way he can see the lawyer that Constance hired for him. When he arrives to Constance's apartment, he discovers that Constance tricked him; she never called the lawyer and used this evening to lure him into marrying him.

Hours later, Hilda is visited by Ignacio's real caseworker, who happens to be a man! Hilda learns from him that Constance was fired two months earlier, prompting Hilda to go to Constance's place after she warns Ignacio. As she arrives and prepares to confront her, Ignacio tells Hilda that Constance isn't a bad person; she had her heart broken, so he decides not to turn her in and forgives her.

Back at Daniel's apartment, Daniel is having sex with Petra. But Lena comes in to drop a bombshell as Daniel finds himself in major jeopardy as he discovers that Petra is actually 16 and her "sister" Lena is actually her mother, who extorts Daniel into putting her daughter on the cover of MODE. Daniel finds himself wondering what he should do to get himself out of this situation, but when he calls Betty at home, Betty, upset over Daniel's actions at the club towards her, tells Ignacio to give him a message: she just "punched out".

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Ugly Betty Season 1 Episode 19 Quotes

Quincy Combs: You are feisty
Betty: And I bite too
Quincy: Do not underestimate me. You may be the beast that guards the gates, but I have taken down kings, presidents, the electric car! Daniel Meade doesn't stand a chance against me.

Wow they're even bigger than I remember!
[Amanda corrects eyebrows in sketch]