"Queens for a Day" begins with Betty outside a nightclub on line trying to get into her own magazines premiere party and failing.  Meanwhile Amanda walks right up and gets in and ignores Betty completely.  Inside the party we see Wilhelmina and Marc wave to Daniel.  Betty heads back home to find Walter playing Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) with her nephew.  He wants her back and she sends him off.  Back at the party Daniel and Bradford are talking when Wilhelmina tells an Alex (Daniel's big brother) story and Daniel walks off.

Back at Betty's, Betty is eating ice cream and Hilda tells her she knows she didn't get in.  The next morning she tries to stop her father from drinking coffee, he has a bad heart.  She's making headway with the HMO and should be able to get him heart medicine.  Wilhelmina is in the office extra early the next morning and tells Bradford someone has to hold the magazine together, don't worry she has Daniel's back.  Sure.  In Wilhelmina's office, she tells Marc about the senator's arrival.

Meanwhile, we find out Daniel really wants to get a photographer, Vince Bianche, but never could because he hated Alex.  We cut over to Bradford meeting with his usual shady friend... apparently the steering in the car was tampered with.  Wilhelmina meets with the bandaged woman and they want to tip Daniel off to what Bradford is up to.  Baniel and Betty meet over some late night Chinese to discuss ideas.  He also whines to Betty about how all families play favorites... he's just not his father's favorite.  Even after his brother died.

Back home, Betty asks Hilda if dad has a favorite... of course it's Betty!  She also finds out that Vince Bianche grew up in her beighborhood.  The next morning she calls Bianche and they bond over Queens until she mentions Daniel Meade... click. 

Wilhelmina and Marc discuss setting up for the senator.  Betty goes into Sal's Deli, the place she talks ont he phone with Vince about.  The shady guy calls Bradford from outside a car lot, apparently Fey'sc ar is for sale.  Vince Bianche calls the office for Betty.  He liked the hoagie she sent him from Sal's.  Vince, Betty, and Daniel have a lunch date.  Daniel tells her to dress up.

Betty goes down to the closet to look for new clothes and after a little heartwarming talk with her father she goes to Hilda for a makeover.  Wilhelmina, meanwhile, is also going for a makeover for the senator, albeit a higher end one.  Betty looks unbelievably ridiculous in her new makeover but gets whistled at on her way into the office.  The bandaged woman calls Daniel and tells him to ask his father about the salvage yard.

At the staff meeting, Daniel gives speech and gives speech about change and mentions Vincent Bianche.  Wilhelmina then gives a speech about how change isn't always good, referring to Betty the whole time.  She runs to the bathroom crying and Daniel follows her.  He tells her unfortunately appearances do matter in this industry.  She tells him to take Amanda instead.  He does.  In the limo, Bradford, Daniel, and Amanda go to lunch.  Betty sees that Daniel left the proposal behind and runs to deliver it herself and stands up to Marc who wants to bring it.

The senator arrives at the office and we find out it's her dad.  He tells asks her, "so you're still just the creative director?"  Ouch, we see Wilhelmina's human side.  At the lunch, things are going terrible.  Amanda couldn't be further from Queens.  Then Betty shows up and Daniel apologizes and introduces her and they leave.  Bradford comes into Daniel's office to tell him they got Vince, only one stipulation, Vince answers only to Daniel.  He asks Bradford about junkyard, no answer.

Wilhelmina reads the email about them getting Vince and she throws a hissy fit breaking stuff in her office.  Betty then goes home and Betty, trying to help her sister out, tells her father she got the deal because of her makeover.  We end the episode with her playing DDR with her nephew.  Cute :)


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Ugly Betty Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Don't you look... sweaty


Betty: You're the one who dumped me!
Walter: Yeah for like two days. It takes longer than that to digest corn..