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Betty's Fairy Tale
In "Secretaries' Day," Betty and Hilda and trying to come up with a way to pay for Ignacio's $1100 trip to Mexico so he can re-enter America legally.  At work, Betty is in charge of planning Mode's Administrative Professionals Day (aka Secretaries' Day) and she has planned the party at The Middle Ages.

Daniel arrives at the office and gives Betty a World's Best Notary Secretary trophy.  Betty brings in Tyler, a writer for Meade's Psychology Now, to help him with his sexual addiction.  Though Daniel wants to get no help, Betty tells him about her problems with her dad and guilts him into doing it.  Tyler ends up giving him pills and tells him to take one each time he's tempted.

Betty hatches a plan to get the money for Ignacio by riding the mechanical horse at The Middle Ages.  While there, chivalrous Henry offers to take her place.  However, he's on the phone with Charlie when his name is called nad Betty is forced to go up.  However, when Betty gets flung off the horse and Nick Pepper laughs, Henry goes to defend her honor.  The two of them fight on the log and Nick wins.  Henry is knocked out and Betty goes to tend to him.  A confused Henry confesses his love to Betty while Charlie watches from afar.  Charlie tells Betty fairy tales only have one princess and they leave.  An upset Betty ends up knocking out Nick and saying she can defend herself.

At the end of the epiosde, Daniel suprises Betty with tickets for her whole family to Mexico... first class!  Meanwhile, Daniel pops yet another pill.

After talking to her mom, Alexis agrees to go to Brazil with Rodrigo.  After telling him, he disappears to run some water for their bath, and she listens in on him on the phone talking to Bradford about their deal.  An infuriated Alexis leaves crying and calls a hitman the next day to get rid of her father.

Wilhelmina continues her plan to become the next Mrs. Meade and take over Mode.  She visits Claire at prison and tells her about her and Bradford.  An infuriated Claire makes threats and Wilhelmina makes Marc hit her so she'll appear to have bruises.  With her new injuries, Wilhelmina tells Bradford about what Claire did to convince him to divorce Claire.  She's not the woman he married.

Amanda was the only one not eager to go to Middle Ages.  We find out this is because prior to joining Mode, Amanda was a struggling actress and did the intro video to Middle Ages.  She doesn't want the office to see her role as the wench.  However, when she gets there, she finds out she was replaced by a new, younger wench.  Though this annoys Amanda at first, the girl eventually comes to tell Amanda per performance is a homage to Amanda.

Hilda is enrolled at beauty school and feuding with her teacher that tries to make her cut her nails.  Though Hilda quits, after some advice form Ignacio, she goes back to school and passes the final exam.

Ugly Betty
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Ugly Betty Season 1 Episode 21 Quotes

Marc: I'm not going stag, hag
Amanda: You'll have to buy your own beer, queer

Amanda: Who answers the phones? Who fans the magazines? Who signs for the packages?
Marc: Tim, Sheila, Betty
Amanda: Well who looks hot for everyone when they come in? These buttons don't just pop open by themselves