Betty rushes to go to Daniel who's about to be on "Rise and Shine America" and is trying to stop him.  She's not allowed on stage and when they ask who she is, she says she's the assistant to Sofia Reyes.  They were specifically asked to stop her.  We go back to 24 hours earlier...

Daniel brings Sofia a breakfast parfait and says she needs to go through all the layers there's a surprise on the bottom.  Turns out it's papaya, her favorite fruit, and not a ring like she was expecting.  Sorry Sofia, we haven't gone through the stages like in your book.  Betty comes in to MYW to work and there's a nerdy girl who's also Sofia's receptionist... wait a second.. she's played by Becki Newton.  Too funny!

Wilhelmina is in bed with Ted but they have to soon go her separate ways.  He lives in Texas and she needs to return to work.  Ignacio is meeting with Constance, his immigration case worker, and she needs proof that he entered the country in 1977.  He gets angry at her and when she leaves, he calls requesting a new case worker.  At the MYW staff meeting, they lost their fish out of water story about a lady in NASCAR since it was already run two years ago.  She needs a new one and wants to do it on Betty's experience at Mode.  After the meeting Sofia cries to Betty saying she doesn't want to be another one of Daniel Meade's girls and then sends her up to Mode to do the report.

Betty starts with Marc who is unwilling to be interviewed but gives her a great quote for his first reaction of her... "Ewwwwwwww"  Suddenly, everyone begins freaking out... Wilhelmina is back from vacation!  Though she arrives wearing jeans and is very happy.  She even rehires a guy she fired over the Holidays!  Guess Ted's doing a good job.  Constance comes back to Igancio's and says she hears he's looking for a new case worker and is pisssssssed.  Betty next tries to interview Amanda who tells her she hated her at first but is now kind of jealous.  But this doesn't mean she likes her!

Marc is in Wilhelmina's office when a gift arrives... it's an armadillo.  The bandaged woman calls Wilhelmina.  They need to meet in person.  Betty next interview Daniel who tells her she really helped him grow as a person.  They then talk about Sofia and Betty tells Daniel that Sofia thinks he's having second thoughts.  Wilhelmina and Ted at home... what's the point of hemlines without someone to share them with?  Ted says he has a lot of baggage... but so does Wilhelmina.  Betty is out when she sees Sofia still talking to Hunter.. and giving him money!  He then goes into a strip club!  Betty goes to Christina who identifies the place as a male strip club.. he must be a stripper!... they go to investigate.

Wilhelmina is meeting with the bandaged woman, and ecstatic Wilhelmina is showing pictures from her vacation.  The bandaged woman does not care and just wants to talk about the plan.  Wilhelmina better step up or she'll be out.  Daniel takes Sofia somewhere he's never taken another girl... dinner with his parents at their house!  Hilda talks to Ignacio and tells him he needs to be nicer to Constance, she's trying to help.  Christina and Betty go tot he strip club and find which Hunter.  It's Hunter Night and apparently everyone wants a piece of him there.

At dinner with the Meades, a story about Alex comes up, and Sofia wants to know why he never talks about him... died 2 years ago.  Claire also asks Sofia if she had a lot of maids growing up being a "Reyes."  Nope, differently family, her only maid was her mom.  Betty and Christina pull Hunter over with a $20 and ask him if he has a girlfriend.  He has girlfriends, boyfriends, anyone who's paying!  Claire and Bradford talk to Sofia and Daniel about how important marriage is.  You can survive anything.. even losing a son.. if you have each other.  Sofia wishes she could have that.  Daniel tells her she could!!

Betty and Christina ask Hunter if he's ever been hired to pretend he's someone's boyfriend... all time time!  Did you do it for Sofia?  Yes, is she giving me referrals already?  Betty calls Daniel to warn him... he already proposed.  Wilhelmina shows up to Ted and sees he has a bag bpacked.  He wants to make it work with his wife.. they have a kid together.  Betty brings Sofia coffee and she asks where Betty got it, Hunter's jock strap?  Hunter called her.  Why would you do hire him?  To make a man like Daniel settle down.  They're going on "Rise and Shine America" to announce.  Wilhelmina comes back into the office, pissed off again.  Fires the guy she just rehired.

At MYW, Betty sees a copy of the article, "proposal in 60 days."  Sofia used Daniel to get a cover story.  We're now back to the beginning and Betty is unable to stop the show which goes on.  Sofia announces the article on television and then dumps him.  Thank you for being such a good sport.  In her office, Wilhelmina dumps the armadillo in the trash and when Bradford's shady guy calls, Wilhelmina asks Marc to get himf or her.  Sofia and Daniel are talking talk after the show... how many girls have you hurt like this?  But never on national television!  For what it's wroth, you're so much more than I thoguth you'd be.  Bitch.

Bradford tells Daniel he's willing to fire Sofia for him.  She did this to his son!  He says Bradford should keep it, it was just business and it will be the best selling magazine.  Betty confronts Sofia about using her for her plan with Daniel.  Sofia tells her she meant everything she said about Betty's potential.  Doesn't matter, she feels now that Mode is the better fit for her.  She quites.

Ignacio gives Constance a lease he signed in 1977 and then apologizes and gives her a mug that says "world's best immigration lawyer."  She's ecstatic and gives him a big hug.  Amanda then beats the crap out of Sofia in the elevator!!  We <3 Amanda.  Betty then tries to find Daniel, but Marc tells her he already headed for JFK.

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Ugly Betty Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

What exactly are you doing here? I thought you went to go work for Feminazi Weekly


[referring to Sofia's book]
Daniel: ...and the part about wearing each others' underwear for the day?
Sofia: I was drunk when I wrote that