Episode 5 is the Halloween episode from season 1 and Marc comes into the office dresses as Betty.  Very funny.  At the house, Betty and Hilda are trying to talk to their father about his SSN, but his is too distracted setting up for Halloween.  Wilhelmina and Marc are talking about her amazing date with younger man Jason when the television starts making fun of Wilhelmina for dating such a younger man.  Angry Wilhelmina makes Marc take off his Betty costume.

Betty, dressed as a butterfly, is on her way to work when she's ambushed by Walter who's dressed as a collector.  He hands her a bowl of candy with a surprise at the bottom.  Betty arrives at work as the only one dressed up... apparently it was a prank by either Marc or Amanda.  Danny sends her on a mission to find out which of his many women from that week have his watch.  Bradford meets with his shady guy to fiund out who leaked the info about Fey. 

Betty calls Amanda over to help her with her list of Daniel's women.  Amanda says she's not not exclusive with Daniel but does seem very jealous over the size of the list.  Henry, the cute guy from accounting, come over and begins flirting with Betty in front of Amanda.  Amanda, while digging through Betty's candy finds the box.  It's a key and a from Walter... he wants her to move in.  She goes to Catherine for advice who says she can't move in with the first guy she's slept with.

After unsuccessfully meeting with the first woman, Betty tells Daniel he should send them all flowers... fine have Amanda do it.  Daniel meanwhile goes to visit his mother at rehab.  Back at the office Marc is showing Wihelmina photos of potential escorts... all too old!  Back at rehab, Daniel wants his mother Claire to talk about fey.  She'll need to go out to lunch if they're going to talk Fey. 

Meanwhile, Betty goes to woman #2 who ends up tearing her wing!  Back at the office, Henry staples her wing back together and asks her out to lunch.  Nervously she agrees.  Amanda asks Betty who Monday night was... Daniel doesn't remember... Amanda was Monday and she secretly has the watch.  Christina is trying to fit Wilhelmina into a dress. Although Wilhelmina swears she's a size 2, it's just not fitting... she's gained weight.  The loudest scream you've ever heard.

At the sushi date, which is Betty's first sushi experience, Betty reveals how stupid she feels being the only one dressed up.  Henry shows he's wearing a Superman accountant shirt under his work clothes... aww!  We love him.  At home, Hilda tells Ignacio she's not dumb, why is the SSN a dead man?  At the office, Amanda decides to call all the girls Daniel slept with and thell them he has scabies and they should get tested.  Walter comes in and Amanda tells him where she's having lunch.  Back to lunch with Claire and Daniel.  Bradford ha dan affair for 20 years wiht Fey... if you want more give her a sip.  She grabs the wine and chugs it.  She said she made Bradford choose in the end... she's still alive and Fey;s not.

Walter shows up at the sushi date, Betty says he's embarassing her and he leaves.  Wilhelmina is busy desperately trying to los ethe weight.  Betty and Christina are in the elevator and she's bringing a bigger size to Wilhelmina... she just removed the tag.  Daniel drops her mom off and asks if dad is capable of murder... he's capable of anything.  Betty wants so desperately to visit Henry post date but doesn't.. goes to Christina for advice instead.

Betty finally realizes the girl with the watch was Amanda and gets it from her.  Amanda runs away crying and Betty follows.  She wanted Monday to be the one night he remembered.  Was hoping he'd get sick of serial dating.  "This never happened."  Wilhelmina is trying on the new dress and makes Christina admit it's a size 4.  Older women just can't compete cause of the stands, well, Wilhelmina set.  Give me the sandwich.  Screw it, she's taking Jason as her date. Yay!

Daniel gets the watch and wants to know which girl had it.  Does it really matter?  Guess not.  If you think you're hurting no one, you're wrong.  Marc is putting back on his Betty brows when the cute, young Jason shows up to Wilhelmina's office.  Then Nico shows up.. her daughter!   Bradford shows up to Daniel's who has the two music boxes out.  Apparently Fey refused to leave and wanted to be a Meade.  He tells Daniel to stop screwing around and to settle down, don't make his mistakes.  But he did not murder Fey.

Henry and Betty are in the elevator, there's a party at HR.  Want to come?  Can't... Walter.  Amanda is going to party to drink their booze and invites Daniel.  He wants to be alone.  She offers him company... even just to talk.  Probably not.  OMG.  We're actually feeling sorry for Amanda.

Hilda and Justin are going trick or treating while Walter and Betty stay behind to talk.  She apologizes for going to lunch with Henry.  The key was moving too fast but she still wants to date Walter.  Wilhelmina goes to the bandaged woman to tell her Daniel is off the Bradford trail.  Time for Fey Sommers to come out of seclusion.  What!?  Betty comes back inside to change... Ignacio admits he's illegal.  End of episode.  Wow!

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Ugly Betty Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Daniel: I can sleep with a different woman every night of the week cause why not?
Betty: You know the Romans had a 9 day week. You would have been a really tired centurion

Marc, that is the absolute cruelest thing I have ever seen. Someone is getting a raise