Episode 6 starts off with Ignacio and family meeting with a lawyer about helping Ignacio become legal... he's going to cost $20,000.  At the office, Amanda is on her way in with Daniel and she asks if he ever found out about the watch and then Daniel says they should take separate elevators so no suspects.  In Daniel's elevator, he's riding with Sofia Reyes (Salma Hayek) and things are very hot between them.  Sofia spills coffee on herself and has to take off her shirt.  In the conference room, Wilhelmina is leading a meeting when her daughter calls with a silly request.  Daniel calls Betty in for a very important mission... get Sofia's number.

Wilhelmina comes home and her daughter is looking at brochures for local schools in New York.  No, you're gong to boarding school.  At home, the girls are asking Ignacio why he never applied for citizenship... too busy providing.  Hilda asks Betty to start selling Herbalux so they can afford lawyer.  They see and old picture of their mom with a guy torn off... Ignacio says it's her ex-boyfriend... but I thought you were each others' first loves?

Hilda gives Betty her Herbalux crap and she heads into the office and tries to sell Marc who laughs.  He goes into to Wilhelmina's and she puts him on a mission to find a boarding school.  Hilda is busy selling Herbalux outside a gym when the owner tries to break it up, she meets a new lawyer who rescues her.  Betty is examining the picture at the office and calls Hilda... their mom had a wedding ring on in picture with ex!  Wilhelmina goes to the bandaged woman.  Fey's birthday is coming up and apparently Fey and Bradford will celebrate it together.  Daniel goes to an editor in chief meeting where he finds out Sofia is an editor and already knows all about him.

Daniel and Betty talk about Sofia.  He asks Betty to send her jewelry.  Nico tried to steal from a store, but Wilhelmina got her out of trouble for shoplifting.  Hilda comes over to help Betty sell.. they're doing awesome until Wilhelmina breaks it up.  Sofia is at the gym working out when Daniel comes to visit her... she sent the gift back since he's sent the same one to her assistant.  In Wilhelmina's office, she's offering Betty the $20,000 she needs.  Blood money.

Bradford is visiting Fey's grave when Fey sows up, he goes after her but she's gone.  Betty and Christina go to a bar.. Betty refuses to cash the $20,000 they get drunk  Wilhelmina and her daughter talk, act out as much as you want, you're leaving for school tomorrow night.  Daniel and Amanda are in bed when Daniel asks if the necklace is a good apology gift.  When she realizes he's talking about Sofia she leaves crying.  Ignacio is watching tv when Betty sneaks in... she's drunk and they fight about the photo.

Hungover the next morning, Betty drinks some coffee and Hilda tries to talk her into cashing the check. No way, her money, my soul.  Wilhelmina and Nico have breakfast and Wilhelmina throws out Nico's cereal again and when she leaves, Nico falls fashion tv.  Uh Oh.  Daniel and Sofia are in an elevator together and this time it breaks.  They're stuck together and when Sofia tries to get out through the top, she falls on top of Daniel.  Hot.  The lawyer is on her way to gym when Hilda stops her to ask about immigration.

Wilhelmina sees Betty still hasn't cashed it and tells her to.  Downstairs, Nico is staging a "fur is murder" campaign when Wilhelmina spins it for publicity for the magazine. Nico then exposes her as a terrible mom in front of everyone. Nico comes up to her office and tells her mom she just wants what's best for herself and says goodbye. Amanda goes to see Daniel and says the watch was hers and that Daniel needs to find whatever he wants.. it's not her.

Bradford meets with the shady guy and turns out the cameras never saw Fey at the cemetery.  Wilhelmina is at home and takes out Nico's cereal of the trash and has some.   Betty comes home and tells her dad he's their rock and owes them no explanation about the photo.  He then tells them the full story.  He was the chef for a rich man, Ramiro Vasquez, who was married to their mother.  He and their mother fell in love.  The rich man always used to beat her and one time when he took a knife to her, Ignacio killed the man.  He never applied for a green card because he thought he might be sent back to his country.

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Ugly Betty Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Nico, i told you only emergencies. No, you cannot submit my apartment to pimp yo house. Goodbye.


Daniel: we should probably take different elevators, we don't want the office getting the wrong idea
Amanda: Right. Cause my panties stuff in your paper shredder didn't tip them off