The episode opens with Betty in writing class listening to a student reading a love story.  Although Betty loves the story, the teacher (Victor Garber) hates it and tells the students they need to feel pain and write a 1000 word essay on their most defining moment.  At home, Ignacio is back where he belongs, cooking breakfast for the family.  He tells Betty her essay is great and she tells him she submitted it to Daniel for his judgement.  Justin, meanwhile, comes downstairs wearing Santos' leather jacket with a new attitude to boot.  He apparently just flunked a math test and doesn't care.

At Mode, Daniel arrives with an Alexis, who's wearing way too much makeup and wearing a very low cut shirt with no bra.  Amanda immediately rescues Alexis and takes her to the women's room.  Marc then finds Amanda sulking in the love dungeon with Halston still sulking over finding her birth father.  Marc suggests she looks at old issues of Mode to see which men Fey was seen with.

At a staff meeting Wilhelmina declares she will be leaving Mode to help run Meade publications and family.  Wilhelmina then talks to Bradford who tells her to pick any magazine she wants and we get a humorous montage of Wilhelmina nad Marc meeting with the editors of all the major publications.  Wilhelmina realizes all she wants is fashion.

Daniel gives Betty a series of female empowerment articles to go over and that he loves Betty's story and gives her the thumbs up.  Betty reveals to Christina that he knows the thumbs up means Daniel hates her story.  At writing class, the teacher is ripping on everyone's papers and when it's Betty turn she accidentally drops her papers and ends up with one of the articles Daniel gave her and she reads the story about her getting attacked by a bear due to pressure by the teacher.  Everyone loves it.  The professor later calls her to tell her he submitted the story to the "New York Review"

Luke Carnes (James Van Der Beek) who owns Atlantic Attire tells Daniel that he needs to pull their ten page advertising spread if he doesn't fire the "cross dresser" Alexis.  Daniel tries to hide it from Alexis but eventually tells her about it.  Alexis has a meltdown and when scheming Wilhelmina advises Daniel to drop the account he does.  Alexis comes in and thanks Daniel for standing up for her and he then confessed he caused the accident.  Alexis says it was just an accident and they hug.  It turns out Wilhelmina started a rumor that all of Mode's advertisers are pulling their ads and used Atlantic Attire to confirm.  Wilhelmina reveals to Marc why she's doing it, she's starting a new magazine Slater when Mode falls apart.

Amanda, while lookign through old Mode magazine, discovers Fey's assistant Wanda is actually Wilhelmina, or "Ugly Willie" as she calls her.  When Amanda swears she'll never tell anyone about Ugly Willie, Wilhelmina tells her about April 26, 1981 at Studio 54 when Amanda was conceived.  She gives her the guest list and tells her about a Tweety Bird tattoo.

At the "New York Review," Betty tries to turn down the article and says she has to clear it with her bosses at Mode.  When she returns, the true author of the article is waiting for Betty and has gotten news that the "New York Review" is going to run an article she submitted to Mode.  When a law suit is mentioned, Daniel comes in and rescues Betty by saying they'll publish the story at Mode and pay her twice her asking price.  Betty and Daniel then have cheesy pep talks.

Meanwhile, Henry has been desperately trying to tutor Justin at Betty's request, even employing fashion flash cards.  During his second tutoring session, Henry walks in on Justin drinking beer nad making out with a teenage slut.  Henry freaks out to Betty about Justin's behavior and he reveals he's concerned because he's not going to be a good father.  Woh.. wait a second.  Turns out the paternity results are in, Henry is the father.  He's held out telling Betty because he wants them to still be together.  Betty tells him to leave.

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Ugly Betty Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Hilda: A guy in a car once told me I could be a model
Betty: I know I stopped you from getting in that car

He's mean, like Simon Cowell with a Pulitzer

Betty [about her professor]