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The episode opens with fashion buzz reporting on Alexis Meade while they wait outside Daniel MEade's towncar.  They set up a diversion and Betty emerges from the towncar while Daniel snuck into the prison to visit Alexis.  Daniel and Alexis sit down to talks and we find out Alexis got off very easy... a fine, a few hundred hours and community service.  However, the real reason Daniel is there is for Alexis to break the news that she is Daniel's father.  When she does, Daniel jumps across the table and attacks her.

Betty gets off the elevator and is on the phone with Hilda who wants to user her apartment again when who does she see?  Gio's back from Rome!  As excited as Betty is to see him, Gio is the complete opposite.  In fact, he's banned Betty from his life... and even has a sign to prove it!  Apparently Rome was terrible.  Since Daniel set up the trip all reservation were under Betty's name and everywhere he went he was reminded and was alone.  The only good thing from the trip is he found the best cheese in the world while there.  However, when get came back customs took the cheese and ate in front of him.  Made him hate Betty even more!

Daniel is busy icing his hand from the fight when Betty comes in.  He tells her about his fight and she about Gio.  Luckily Daniel knows about Gio's cheese, his friend Mario imports it for his restaurants.   Meanwhile, while meeting with their lawyer, we find out the DA has upped the charges to attempted murder and now they'll have to go to trial.  Claire tries calling the DA who she donated a lot of money to and he tells her he can't he's under a lot of pressure.  Turns out it's pressure from Wilhelmina who is over there doing a little S&M with the DA.  Back at Mode, the cheese Betty had Daniel order has arrived.  Daniel then meets with the lawyer privately who tells him the grandparents got temporary custody and if DJ gets on French soil, they'll have no shot of getting him.  Daniel then tells Betty to go pick up DJ after school and hide him.  Betty then decides to place a big sandwich order from Gio to get him to come to her apartment.

Gio arrives at Betty's apartment with the order and he realizes where he is when he sees the name on the door... too late, Betty opens the door.  DJ is inside the apartment with Betty.  Gio tells hers there's nothing she can say... when he suddenly smells the cheese.  Cheese or no cheese, Gio wants to leave because Betty lives in Betty Suarez Land.  It's all about her.  However, when Daniel, who's meeting with the very nice grandparents, tells Betty they're on their way over, she tells Gio they need to use his car to escape.  Don't take out your feelings at DJ.  The doorbell rings and they think it's just the grandparents when it's actually Coach's wife on her way up!  The trio escape but she sees the name on the door.

Wilhelmina and Marc go to visit Alexis in prison.  Wilhelmina will help get her out in exchange for her shares in Meade.  Gio and Betty are racing around in the car and they decide to meet Daniel at coney island.  Coach's wife shows up at the salon looking for Betty (who she thinks is the Suarez sleeping with Tony because of the name on the door), and tells Hilda to get her sister to stop sleepign with Tony, she stils loves him.  Daniel shows up to Coney Island and explains to Betty why he can't get custody of DJ... he's not his son.  Only problem is he said it in front of DJ who runs away.

Wilhelmina meets Claire in her office and the two agree to new terms to get Alexis out.  Alexis will split her shares between Daniel (who currently has a third) and Wilhelmina's unborn child (who already had a third) so the two end up being 50 / 50 owners and co Editors in Chief.  Thanks to Gio's advice, Daniel finds DJ under the boardwalk and tells DJ to go to France and he'll just be DJ's cool American Uncle.  Coach shows up to Hilda's and say he's told his wif eeverything.  It doesn't matter to Hilda because his wife doesn't feel the same way and she refuses to be responaible for ruining their marriage.

Wilhelmina and Marc discuss the outcome of Wilhelmina's plan.  She's very happy to have gone from being salaried to now owning 50% of a publshing empire.  Only 50% lef tto go!  Daniel and Claire say goodbye to Alexis who's on the company helicopter and ready to get away.  Daniel gives her one last hug and they seem to be okay again.  He tells her to go get to know her son in France.  The shot ends with the whole Suarez family being happy at home.


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Ugly Betty Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Marc: I'm completely lost, just tell me how to feel. Why don't you Wilhelmina: Get your lips off my ass and the DA on phone.

Private? Yesterday you have me check a mole on your lower back and today there's boundaries? Yay for that!