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Betty's Party
The episode opens with Betty "accidentally" running into Jesse (Val Emmich), her new crush.  She gives him coffee and and tells him she can watch TV at her place, he gives her his band's latest CD.  Betty goes to work early and runs into a naked Amanda who's been evicted from her apartment.  Betty offers to help but she refuses.   At home, Betty gets ready for Jesse to come over and when the door bell rings... it's Amanda and her dog.  Her new roommates!  Amanda quickly moves in and starts taking over, hanging her personal stuff up everywhere, and even feeding Betty's lunch to her dog.

The next day at work, Betty is complaining to Christina about Amanda and seeking advice about her new crush.  Amanda pops in out of nowhere and hears about the crush and suggests she invite him to the Mode party.  At home Betty tries to invite Jesse to the party but does it so awkwardly Jesse thinks she's asking his band Dark Sexual Journey to perform at it!  The next day Betty goes to tell Daniel she found a band, but he says they already have Mariah Carey and aren't going to cancel for her neighbor.  When Betty tells Christina about the misunderstanind, Amanda appears out of nowhere and suggests she make an after party and have him play there.  She'll charge at the door and make enough money to be able to move out.

Betty attempts to make a flyer for the after party, but Amanda takes over and soon gets 300 people on the guest list.  Betty gets her family to help her with the party: Ignacio on food and Hilda on drinks.  Daniel also gives her a donation towards the after party, it is the Mode after party affter all!  The party begins!  Amanda is busy collecting money and trying to figure out who Betty's crush is.  She thinks it's Ignacio until Marc tells her that's her father.  Jesse is too nervous to play and Betty goes outside to talk him into it.  He tells her she's beautiful.  During the party, Jesse dedicates a song to Betty.

Betty goes looking for Jesse after the band is done.  She knocks at his apartment and then walks into hers which is open.  She walks in on Jesse and Amanda making out!  Betty leaves and Amanda chases after her and Betty tells her to pack up her things and leave.  Betty goes outside and Daniel gives her a little pep talk and assures her that she is beautiful.  Betty comes back to her apartment and to a solo Amanda.  Amanda made a lot of money and gives it to Betty to put towards rent.  She apologizes for Jesse and says she doesn't like him anyway and didn't realize it was her crush.  Betty lets her stay.

Marc and Cliff
Marc's boyfriend Cliff comes to visit him at his desk and asks Marc to move in with him and Marc starts rambling and is very grateful when Wilhelmina interrupts.  Cliff finds Marc again later that day and asks again and Marc gives a long speech about how big of a decision it is and Cliff takes it as a no.  At the after party, Marc makes eyes with a guy and ends up hooking up with him.  Cliff shows up in the hall just after Marc left the room with the guy.  We're not sure if Cliff caught on or not.  Marc then asks Cliff to marry him!

Daniel, Wilhelmina and Connor
Daniel is still very excited to have hired Connor.  Daniel, Wilhelmina and Connor all have a meeting and Connor seems to always agree with Daniel.  When Wilhelmina asks Daniel what's going on, he explains how she got played.  Wilhelmina then has Marc dig up dirt on Connor she can use.  Claire is complaining to Daniel about Connor's cost cutting and Daniel assures her he's on their side.  Claire warns him to watch Wilhelmina and that they have a private meeting set up.  Connor and Wilhelmina have their private meeting and Connor massages Wilhelmina's hand to get rid of her headache.  Then when Connor goes to pour them some drinks, Wilehlmina fantasizes about kissing Connor and quickly ends the meeting saying she has dinner plans.  Wilhelmina doesn't use the blackmail.

Daniel and Claire ride to the party together and find out from Fashion TV that Connor has entered into negotiations with Conde Nast to sell of several Meade magazines.  Daniel thinks Connor is going behind his back with Wilhelmina.  Wilhelmina sees Connor at the after party and the two being talking.  Wil takes out her file of dirt and when Daniel sees the two together, he confrotns Connor about selling the magazines.  Connors yells at both of them for being so childish.  He doesn't care about the blackmail info and tells Daniel he's just trying to help the company.  He doesn't want to pick sides and if they can't accept that, he'll quit.  Wilhelmina goes to apologize to Connor and he gets a phone call... it's his fiance!

The episode ends with Wilhelmina sitting alone on a ledge.  Betty comes upstairs to clean the roof and Wilhelmina calls her over.  The two girls share a beer and the episode ends with no further dialogue.  Suprisingly powerful ending!

Ugly Betty
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