Marc and Betty have their interviews for editor positions at various magazines and Betty ends up getting a pending offer from the New York Review.  However, when days go by and she still hasn't received the official offer, she calls up and finds out that the YETI boss, Jodie, stole it from her!  Marc, meanwhile, gets zero offers until Betty convinces him to call Vogue, his dream job.  Marc calls and ends up getting a position that he takes.  He gives Wilhelmina her two weeks notice.

Outside, Betty sees Henry getting into a cab.  She can't believe Henry came back to NYC and didn't tell her.  She begins to stalk Henry on facebook until she ends up running into him on the street.  She meets Henry and his new girlfriend, Chloe and sets up a double date at the Mets game.  Matt, meanwhile, asked Betty to move in with him and she accepted.  At the game, however, she somehow does not mention she's moving in with Matt, yet has no problem talking about her pending job offer from the New York Review.  Matt, for obvious reasons, gets a little jealous.  Then, when Betty receives the bad news about her offer being stolen, meets up with Henry in the park to discuss.  While there, she ends up making out with Henry and Matt comes to bring her flowers and sees them kissing.  Ouch.

Daniel takes Molly home from the hospital and is quickly becoming a celebrity with his relationship with Molly and ends up on the View.  Daniel even throws the opening pitch at the Mets game.  Molly, however, is becoming more and more obsessed with who Daniel will be with after she dies.  Daniel tries to get her to stop and finds out she feels that way because her biggest fear is Daniel moving on and forgetting about her.  To show her she'll never be forgotten, he puts her picture on the cover of the Mode wedding issue.

Wihelmina, meanwhile, is trying to find out Claire and Cal's connection in order to get Claire out her way.  She befriends Victoria over a game of tennis and then plenty of drinks.  She finds out at the Harleys and the Meades used to be friends until somehow a baby was involved between Claire and Cal.

Ugly Betty
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Ugly Betty Season 3 Episode 23 Quotes

That is hideous! It's like looking at the butt of Satan. My eyes!

Amanda [about a painting of Betty]

Wilhelmina: Why does god hate me? I'm a good person
Marc: You are, and more importantly, you're pretty