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Granny Pants opens with a battle going on as part of Daniel's new spread, Love is a Battlefield.  Daniel is still not talking to Betty and his mom about Daniel Jr.  Wilhelmina enters and the co editors in chief argue about which spread to use, Puppy Love or Love is a Battlefield. Betty follows Daniel out and she tells him they can't keep fighting because everything needs to be done twice and nothing is getting done.  It's too much work for Betty.  Betty comes into the office to find Kimmie Keegan waiting for her her desk.  She wants a job and Daniel tells Betty she should hire her as a temp to help the now overworked Betty.

Betty comes down to the closet to complain to Christina about Kimmie.  She has a flashback about their first day in high school when Kimmie pants Betty in front of everyone and earned her the nickname Granny Pants all throughout high school.  Christina reminds Betty tht she has the power now.  Justin is telling a friend at school that hes auditioning for a Broadway show and then gets tormented by a bully.  At the office, Betty begins tormenting Kimmie and sets her up for a Wilhelmina attack.  She's at home telling her family how much she enjoyed what she did to Kimmie, but Ignacio tells her to be nice and help her out at Mode.  Didn't she wish she had someone who did the same when she started?

Marc and Amanda decide to start tormenting the new temp, Kimmie.  But when Kimmie is being laughed at by everyone at the staff meeting and Wilhelmina plans on firing her, Betty steps up and says she'll turn her into the perfect assistant.  Betty begins helping Kimmie and they have a nice heart to heart.  Claire and Daniel are eating together and Claire tries to get Daniel to talk about Daniel Jr.  Daniel admits he wants a family and none of the girls he's been dating have been marriage material. Justin is at home practicing and Hilda is pushing him extra hard.  She wants him to get the part so he has somewhere he fits in.  Kimmie, the new super assistant, gets Daniel a new type of manicure appointment set up and tells Betty she's making it a girls' night out.  She used Daniel's connections to get them into all the hottest clubs.  Kimmie is so glad they're becoming friends.

Betty goes over Daniel's application for a high end dating service.  Kimmie and Amanda bond and Amanda takes her under her wing.  Justin goes to his audition and the bulley from the hallway is there trying out (he said his mom made him).  Apparently Daniel already has a mach and is going to meet her tonight.  Kimmie returns from her day with Amanda all glammed up.  She went down to the closet and to hair and makeup.  During her little adventure she invited Marc and Amanda on their night out.  Kimmie promises they won't get int he way.  What about work tomorrow?  We'll just sneak in late, Daniel and Wilhelmina have a meeting in the morning.

The crew is in a cab and on the way to the clubs.  Betty is stuck in the front and Marc, Amanda and Kimmie are in the back having fun.  Daniel shows up at the yacht for his date and it turns out it's Wilhelmina!  When the clubbing crew makes it to the door, we find out it's only for Kimmie + 2.  Kimmie says she'll go in with Marc and Amanda and come back for Betty in ten minutes.  Justin talks to the bully at the audition and they have a little dance off.  They go inside to have their audition and when they come out they're both blown away by how good their competition is.  After the audition Justin sees the bully outside crying and he tells him to go away.

Daniel and Wilhelmina desperately want off the boat and hatch a plan to set off the smoke detector and the boat heads back in to shore.  Kimmie finally comes out to Betty 45 minutes later, she said her plan was to ditch Marc and Amanda inside the club... they have 3 more to go to!  Wilhelmina and Daniel are walking with pretzels and end up bonding over some parenting talk.  They decide they make a good team and need to trust each other.  Betty ends up sleeping in the next day and Daniel calls her to see where she is.  The meeting was cancelled.  Kimmie tricked Betty and went in herself!  When Betty arrives and confronts Kimmie she says she send Betty a txt message that morning.

Daniel seems okay with them being late because Kimmie got Mode's name in page 6.  Kimmie, Marc and Amanda are looking over the yearbook and laughing at Betty.  Kimmie asks Betty to get her a water and it's almost identical to her flashback from high school.  However, instead of Kimmie pantsiing Betty, she reverses it!  After wards she sees that Kimmie did sent her the txt message and feels bad.  The next day at school the bully actually talks to Justin and says they should hang out some time.  Betty goes to Daniel and says that Daniel should hire Kimmie to be a full time partier.  Get their names in the paper all the time.  At the staff meeting, Wilhelmina ends up giving it to Daniel's idea for the spread.  Aww.  They announce Kimmie is promoted to associated editor.  With her new promotion and popularity at the office, Kimmie resorts back to her old ways and is mean to Betty again.

Ugly Betty
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Ugly Betty Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Marc: I'm on with the PETA people about the coat they're in a an uproar because your wearing dalmatian
Wilhelmina: For god sakes its not real dog, its rare albino leopard

Betty: I'm worried about him he's focusing all his energies on work and avoiding his feelings
Claire: On the spectrum of our family vices, work is a lot healthier than murder
Betty: Hmm... that's true