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Things are going well for Betty and Matt, and she feels things should pick up at work.  She shows up at Mode to find everything is being repoed, but is lucky to find out she got an invite for Matt's father, Calvin Hartley's annual easter egg charity event.  Daniel is very jealous and has never been invited.  Betty goes home and finds out that Hartley makes his money investing in struggling companies, including magazines, and pitches Daniel on the idea.  He spends all night preparing.  Betty finds out from Matt, though, that he will not set up a meeting between Daniel and his father.  Even Presidents can't get a meeting with this guy.

Betty tries to avoid telling Daniel, but Matt breaks the news.  Daniel has no choice but to fire people, including Amanda.  Desperate to save Mode and her friend's job, Betty sneaks Daniel into the party.  Just as Daniel is getting kicked out, Betty explains to Matt how important this is for her, he rescues Daniel and introduces him to his father.  After Calvin gets Daniel to wear a bunny suit and entertain the kids, he gives the bailout money to Meade.

Meanwhile, Willie is at a photoshoop with her baby and the photographer tells her he thinks the baby looks more like Christina than Willie.  Wilhelmina consults a doctor and finds out it's possible if Christina had sex before the procedure, the kid could be hers.  Wilhelmina sends Marc to spy, and eventually we see Christina talk to Stuart and they admit they did have sex.  The bloodwork, however, reveals that the child is Wilhelmina's.

Ugly Betty
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Ugly Betty Season 3 Episode 20 Quotes

Betty: For the record, I decided the limo treatment doesn't suck
Matt: Also for the record, I'm not a limo guy. I just thought it'd be fun since... it's Tuesday?
Betty: Tuesday, now officially known as limo day. Seriously, Matt, stop pampering me
Matt: Damn, there goes hot air balloon Wednesday

Amanda: Apparently anything leased or considered non-essential has to go
Delivery Guy: I'm looking for Betty Suarez
Marc: Do you need any help loading her on to the truck?