Betty tries to give Hilda responabilities including a large list of things to do and she does none of them because of a group of girls that come in for a haircut for their quinceanera.  They end up spending much of the episode fighting.  Ignacio has a cough that worries Betty and although Hilda calls Dr. Steve and he says not to worry about it, Betty gets the name of a good doctor from Claire Meade.  Betty takes Ignacio to the hospital for tests and they tell her he's going to be in the room for four hours.  She takes off for a work emergency and leaves him there.  When Betty gets back, Ignacio is gone but the test results say he's fine.  Betty calls Hilda with the good and bad news and she flips out at her.  They go out to look for him and get a call from Justin saying Ignacio came home.  He went to the medicaid office and is going to be hiring a part time nurse with their help.  Hilda and Betty seem to patch things up when Hilda offers Betty a haircut.  Betty also tells Amanda she's moving back home.

Wilhelmina and Connor returned from a skii vacation together and can't keep their hands off each other all day at the office.  During one of their midday disappearances, Wilhelmina misses a big advertising meeting with some French watchmakers.  Off Betty's advice, Marc steps it up when Wilhelmina misses her second meeting with them.  However, when Wilhelmina arrives late to the meeting, she blames Marc and demeans him in front of them.  Afterwards, Wilhelmina comes to Marc with a gift from the watchmakers and thanks him.  Marc definitely guilts her for how she made him feel and Wilhelmina comes back later and let's him pitch his own ad meeting.

Daniel and Molly went on their own little carribean adventure and Daniel gives Betty the photos to develop.  However, Betty accidentally swaps with the pictures with some photos she was supposed to leak to Suzuki.  Now Betty and Daniel have to get the photos back.  Betty and Amanda approach Suzuki's ex who works at Meade and he gives her an addreess in Jersey.  When Betty and Daniel go there, they find out Suzuki is straight with a wife and kids and merely does the homosexual personality to make it in the fashion industry.  They blackmail him in a nice way and get the photos back.  It turns out, though, it didn't matter because Molly showed up behind Spencer and Heidi in Page Six and Connor saw it.

Ugly Betty
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Ugly Betty Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Wilhelmina: Didn't we have an agreement to keep this out of the office?
Connor: We did. I came in here to pee

Ignacio: You know what I really want I really want a chili dog with fries
Justin: Uh uh. Heart attack or not that's just disgusting