The episode opens with Betty at the bar with Christina and Stuart... Christina hasn't been at work because of missing the baby.  Meanwhile, Hilda tells the Suarez family that tomorrow Archie is announcing his plan to run for Bureau president.  At the office, Calvin Hartley shows up to finalize the deal.  Wilhelmina, knowing he's a sucker for kids, brings in baby William and when Hartley goes to see him... the baby is missing!

Wihelmina suspect Christina that just happened to show up today finally.  Betty finds Christina about to enter Stuart's car when she hears crying.  Meanwhile, Wilhelmina admits to Marc that they need to get the baby back... she faked the DNA test.  Betty, takes Christina and the baby to hide at her house, where Hilda and Archie are filming his campaign video.  Betty calls Claire for help and they meet outside the hospital to do an emerngy DNA test.  However, Marc was listening in on their phone call and the cops show up outside the hospital.

Betty guilts Wilhelmina into coming clean and she eventually does the next day at a press conference.  Without baby William, the Meades try and fire Wilhelmina at their meeting with Cal the next day, but he objects. Cal will only sign the deal if Wilhelmina remains in her position with her shares.   Apparently Wilhelmina secretly met with Cal and convinces him that Mode needs her... Daniel is too weak.

In the end, Christina and Stuart get their baby back and decide to return to Scotland to be closer to family while they raise him.

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Ugly Betty Season 3 Episode 21 Quotes

Betty: Are you sure this is the best way to deal with your feelings?
Christina: Well I did consider throwing a dart at the real thing, but she's so damn fast in those heels

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