Betty gets a phone call from Claire and rushes to the drug store to pay for some makeup that Claire shoplifted.  A twork, It turns out it's Claire's 60th Birthday coming up and Daniel wants to throw her a surprise party and wants Betty to make her the gift. Betty decides to make a tribute video and ends up realizing all of Claire's friends have nothing but hrorible, unusable things to say.  Claire wants to do dinner with Daniel but he cancels to have a date night with Molly. 

Claire, while out with Betty at a store, attempts to shoplift some underwear on her way out when Betty grabs it and sets off the detectors.  Security grabs Betty, but Claire quickly admits to being the one that did it.  They say they're calling the cops, but Daniel shows up saying the lawyers smoothed things over.  Daniel goes to escort her to her surprise party and ends up just doing the dinner alone with him she wanted so badly.  Very sweet.

Betty and Hilda start off talking about how much they love Elena and the positive changes she's making to Ignacio.  However, when Betty is testing the video camera she got for Daniel's tribute video, she accidentally leaves it on and it records Ignacio getting frisky with Elena.  Nervous they're going to lose her, the girls split up and question the two.  Hilda questions Elena who says it's not a problem.  Betty questions Ignacio and gets nothing so sticks Clarie on it.

Elena is staying after the next day for dinner and when Betty goes to grab her and Ignacio she catches them making out!  Hilda and Betty throw Elena out and they tell Ignacio he can't date Elena.  However, after a nice pep talk from Claire, Betty realizes Ignacio shouldn't be alone and Elena is not replacing her mother.  She waits on the steps for Elena to come home and invites her for dinner.  It's all good.

Daniel and Wilhelmina
Daniel and Molly go on an ice skating date where they run into Wilhelmina and Conner on their date.  They try to act like adults and sit down and talk over some hot chocolate.  Conner and Molly discuss all their crazy adventures, including their love of Tibetan food, making both Wilhelmina and Daniel jealous.

Wilhelmina, as recommended by Marc, tries to get closer to Conner and agrees to take care of his bird while he's away on vacation.  While talking in front of the bird, Wilhelmina tells Marc she loves Conner and the bird starts to repeat it.  Wilhelmina plans on getting rid of the bird so Conner never finds out she loves him first, but Marc convinces her it's not about who says it first, it's about her lack of courage.  As soon as Conner comes home from his trip, Wilhelmina says how much she misses him and says she loves him.  He says it back!

Daniel tries to surprise Molly by taking her to a New York restaurant that servces Tibetan food, only to find out she and Conner were regulars there.  Daniel tries to be brave and try all sorts of food there and ends up sick and in the basthroom.  The next day, Molly tells him even if it wasn't her first time there it was still a memorable experience.

Ugly Betty
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Ugly Betty Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

Betty: Mrs Meade, did you shop lift?
Claire: It's not shoplifting if you can afford the item but don't have the funds on you
Betty: Wait, what? I think that is shoplifting

How great is Elena? She's like the big sister I never had.. now I know how important I am to you

Hilda [to Betty]