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The episode opens with Betty at YETI listening to a speaker from the New Yorker magazine.  When the teacher suggests they all partner up with people from a different maagazine, Betty is eager to get the girl that works at the New Yorker, but gets stuck with Matt, the sports guy.  It's Fashion Week and things are crazy enough at Mode and now Betty has to deal with Matt following her around.

Betty's first mission for Fashion Week, besides fixing Daniel's cuffs,is to do a press release for a crazy designer Mode is featuring on their runway, Heinrich.  Betty goes to visit him and sees his crazy designs for angel wings made out of broken glass.  She comes back and writes a joke press release for him which Matt ends up accidentally sending out.  It turns out Heinrich loved the press release and wants Betty to produce his runway shoe.

Betty heads over there and Heinrich acts like a nut making bizarre requests telling her the clothes should speak to her to and tell her what to do.  Betty has no idea what to do and Matt suggest they go to his job, the sports magazine to help give her ideas.  She doesn't see how it will help but after being mean to Matt she agrees to go after some guilt.  While there she realizes Matt goes everything from a personal angle and she tries to apply the same thing to Heinrich.  She figures out why he does his designs and ends up setting up an amazing runway that includes an Iron Wall that Heinrich loves.

Meanwhile, Wilhelmina has been growing increasingly unpopular in the fashion world due to her being off the scene and busy dating Conner.  During the big show, Christina goes into labor but is unable to escape out the back due to the Iron Wall blocking the exits.  Christina is forced to walk the runway to get out and just as she reaches the end she collapses and goes into labor.  The angels all create a wall around her so no outsiders can see while she delivers.  Meanwhile, Elena comes in to assist with the delivery and Wilhelmina's baby is finally born.   Wilhelmina, using the opportunity to get hername back in the fashion world, comes rising above everyone using a hydrolic lift holding up her baby. 

By the end, Betty finally realized that Fashion really is just Art and a way of explaining herself and maybe Mode is a good fit for her.  Oh and Matt admitted to Betty he's interested in her and not fashion, duh.  The episode ends with Daniel and Betty have a sweet heart to heart  We loved it.

For our other two love birds, Daniel brought Molly to the fashion show where the critics tore into her as a "five foot five growth shaped like a woman attached to him."  He attempted to give her a makeover so she'd feel more at place there and she ends up storming off during the show making up some excuse about her apartment.  Once Daniel gets a hold of her, she's on the phone in the doctor's office and says it's getting worse than they thought.  Obviously implying there is something wrong with her medically.  On the plus side they each say I love you to each other.

Oh the Suarez front, Hilda is growing increasingly angry that Elena and Ignacio are together even though she's no longer his nurse.  When they display too much PDA while watching a movie with the family, Hilda goes off on them and Ignacio tells her he can date whoever he likes.  Clever Justin gives up his seat to the Fashion Show to force Hilda and Elena to spend time together where they realize they really do like each other.  Elena agrees to set some ground rules to make sure Hilda is comfortable with their relationship.

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Ugly Betty Season 3 Episode 15 Quotes

Are you sure? I'm worried that the Cavalli makes you look a little too Michelle Obama at the mall

Marc [to Wilhelmina]

Betty [about speaker]: She's so amazing I can't believe you get to work for her
Girl: What you do sounds a lot more fun, especially during fashion week
Betty: Fashion week isn't nearly as cool as genocide week... sorry that came out wrong