The episode opens with Betty and Amanda, presumably still roommates, walking into work together.  Betty has the latest issue of Mode in her hand, "Eye of the Fashion Storm."  All the bosses will be gone for an editor's retreat, but when Phil from shipping calls and says the issue won't come back from the printers till the next day, Daniel thinks he won't be able to ride with Connor (that's the cool car!).  Daniel reluctantly gives Betty final approval on the magazine so he can go to the retreat.

Meanwhile, at the retreat at the lodge Connor asks everyone to come up with bold ideas to help move issues.  Everyone, meanwhile, is busy texting and reading emails on their phone.  When Claire suggests they "go off the grid" and turn off all cell phones, Connor and Daniel like it.

Despite a strong smelling adhesive, Betty gives approval on the magazines when they arrive.  However, news of a huge tornado in the midwest makes the magazine, Betty goes back to Phil to stop the shipment.  Phil refuses saying he needs to hear from an editor.  Obviously Betty can't reach them because they're off the grid, but she doesn't know that!  Phil gives her four hours.

Betty plans on taking a cab to the retreat and Marc won't let her hog all the glory and offers up Cliff's car as a mode of transportation.  Amanda invites herself along.  During the road trip, Amanda finds a receipt from Tiffany's for two rings and Marc, who's driving, just let goes of the wheel crashing the car.  Betty heads off to a store to get help... and beefy jerky for Amanda.

Meanwhile, at the retreat, Daniel is walking and thinking when a woman falls out of a tree on him.  She thinks her leg is broken and Daniel helps her walk back to the lodge.  Wilhelmina is hunting and when she hears a noise she ends up pointing her gun at Connor who's aimed at her!  The two go hunting together and end up spotting Daniel walking with the girl, Molly, who's Connor's fiancee!

When Betty gets to the store she offers the owner money to drive her, but he can't due to 3 DWI's.  However, when a young boy throw a wooden airplane at her, she gets an idea.  Back at the lodge, Claire is talking to Daniel about his new crush.  She asks if her name is Molly.  Why?  Because someone wrote in the sky, "Daniel Call Betty."  Sky writing.  Very clever Betty.  I would have just called the lodge.

Betty finally gets ahold of Daniel and tells him the scenario.  He's impressed with her sky writing plan and says he's going to call Phil.  Before he does, him and Wilhelmina have a talk.

At the Suarez house, Betty is busy celebrating her saving of the magazine when Justin comes home with the latest issue with the Tornado still on the cover.  On Fashion TV, Suzuki is making a big deal about it and even calls Betty "Tornado Girl," and her "wasting time" at the store when the issues got shipped.

It turns out the controversey has made this issue the best selling of Mode yet and Wilhelmina tells Daniel sometimes a little person has to take the fall.  Clearly Daniel is stilled bothered.  Betty is being harassed by people who got her cell phone number off the internet and Justin is even wearing a Tornado Girl t-shirt.  At work, Marc grabs Betty and takes her into the copy room where he gives her a hilarious, cryptic message that she was set up.

Betty confronts Phil who eventually confsesses that he was ordered to send the issue out.  Betty goes to Daniel who she ends up telling she doesn't always want to be an assistant and she lost the one thing she had... her reputation.  Betty thanks Marc for the info, who says they're both in the same position and have to look out for each other.  Betty tells Marc Cliff was a good influence and he's so overwraught with guillt he confesses to her about cheating on him.  Honest Betty tells him to come clean.

At a press conference about the issue, when Suzuki mentions Tornado Girl, Daniel can take no more.  He announces that he was the one that authorized it and that all profits from the sale of the issue will go towards victims of the tornado.  

Molly comes up to Daniel later to tell her how impressed she was by his actions.  She then returns to Connor to go to dinner but he cancels to work late with Wilhelmina.  Wilhelmina smiles as Connor and Molly get into a huge fight, "it's always about work!"  Marc meanwhile comes clean to Cliff and we see Cliff walking away angirly fighting back tears. 

Hilda and the Councilman

Hilda opens an envelope from the city and finds out her permit for the beauty salon was rejected and immediately blames councilman Archie Rodriguez.  When Justin suggests she run the salon anyways, despite the rest of her family telling her not to, she opens back up to business, but through a backdoor / cash only policy.

After a hilarious day with Justin working the door asking for secret passcodes, Hilda comes home to Ignacio who tells her she's doing the wrong thing and not to take a no from the city.  Hilda goes to Archie's office and complains about the rejection.  He says there's nothing he can do.  However, Rodriguez comes to visit Hilda at her house and present her with a loophole.  If 30% of her store's sales come from products, she can get a permit.  He gives her candles she can sell.  Hilda and Archie definitely seem to bond.

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Ugly Betty Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Daniel: I guess you kind of are OCD about things
Betty: I prefer the word careful

Betty: I feel like I'm in the middle of a fashion storm right now
Amanda: You look like a plus size princess. Dressing you up with clothing from my hefty years is like playing with a big squishy doll. It's so fun, can we do it tomorrow please?