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The entire family is staying at Betty’s apartment. Everything is in shambles.

Justin stops by Mode to talk to Marc. Marc thinks he is talking about his first time when Justin tells him that he thinks he started the fire.

Ignacio tells Amanda over breakfast that he thinks he started the fire to the wiring.

Hilda confronts Bobby about burning down the house. He tells her that she should believe that he had nothing to do with it.

Betty goes in for her meeting with Wilhelmina to present her account on Lady Gaga. Because Ignacio packed her lunch, his desert went everywhere and the file she had on Lady Gaga was replaced by Justin’s interpretation of Gaga.

Wilhelmina is not amused so she gives the account to someone else. Betty realizes that he family must go.

Betty goes to the fire station to check on when her family’s report would be filed. The fireman at the station likes joking and flirting with her and agrees to speed things up if she goes on a date with him.

Marc convinces Wilhelmina to ask Don out on a date as what he thinks she is - Wanda from the block.

Amanda catches Claire speaking to Tyler and Amanda tells her she should hire him as an in-house model.

Marc tells Betty to use his SADD system - skip appetizers and don’t drink - to make a terrible date go quick. Their wait for a table is over an hour so they decide to go to the bar. When they get there, they bump into Wilhelmina and her date, Don.

Wilhelmina introduces Betty as a friend from work so Don tells them to join them. At dinner, Don asks Betty if Wilhelmina is still the same sweet girl he once knew.  Betty uses this to her advantage to talk about the Lady Gaga project and get her to personally invite Justin to meet with Gaga.

Wilhelmina and Betty go to the bathroom and Wilhelmina congratulates Betty for her bold and ruthless ways.  Back at the table, Wilhelmina admits to Don that she really is a stone cold bitch and doesn’t want to go anywhere else with Betty. She tells him that she remembers why she liked him so much in the first place – the sex and if he’s up for it, they can go back to her place and do it again – just with her on top. Don happily agrees.

Hilda invites Bobby and his parents over for dinner. During it, she just can’t get it out of her mind that his family has ties to the mob.  Bobby tells Hilda that she isn’t even trying to keep an open mind like his parents – Hilda asks Bobby what he means and he tells her that they heard about her promiscuous ways.

Betty admits to her fireman that she was using him to get her families report moved to the top of the list. He is shocked and angered by this and tells her that their report will go to the bottom of the list.

Daniel is mad that his mom hired Tyler. He thinks that she is having a romantic relationship with him and confronts Tyler about it. Claire walks in and finds them fighting. She finally tells Daniel the truth that Tyler is her son. 

Hilda has had enough and confronts Bobby’s parents about the fire. This starts a blow up about them being in the mafia. Justin walks into the yelling when Ignacio admits that the fire was his fault due to his faulty wiring. Justin won’t let him go any further and also admits that it is his fault for smoking. 

The fireman walks into all the commotion and tells the group that it started with a curling iron. Everyone looks to Hilda, but it was actually Betty who used a curling iron that day.

Bobby and his parents leave with a fresh start. Bobby gets down on one knee and proposes to Hilda. She tells him he did it right.

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Oh Papi stop, this is nothing.


Is your name Betty Salami right?