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Betty wakes up for the day that she will get her braces off. Her whole family bids her braces farewell. When she gets there the fire alarm goes off and she is unable to get them off before the office pictures.

Tyler sleeps the night over at Amanda’s house. She realizes that she really likes him.  She tells Daniel that she is together with Tyler.  Daniel doesn’t take this news well.

The next day, she goes to the Guggenheim for a press event and the security guard takes her down for saying bomb. This action sends Betty into a dream like consciousness - where everything is different.

Because Betty never needed braces, her father never had to pay for braces so the money went into a tech ,mboom.  Hilda is fat and ugly and Betty realizes she was the pretty one.

When Betty gets to work, everything is turned upside-down . Marc is nice, Amanda is married to Daniel and she is a managing editor at Mode and a huge biatch.

Hilda comes to visit Betty and tells her that she does want her to be the maid-of-honor at her wedding. Betty asks Hilda about Justin and Bobby, but Hilda has no idea what she is talking about.

Daniel asks Betty about the million dollar bra shoot and she denies trying to sabotage his shoot.

Betty meets with Wilhelmina and she tells her that their plan to sabotage Daniel is in the works. Ignacio comes to visit Betty at work asking her to bail him out of a forty grand debt.  She gives him the money and isn’t happy about all the turn of events.

Betty goes to the Guggenheim to warn Daniel and someone steals the million dollar bra. She notices that it is Wilhelmina that stole it.  She tries to get it back and hits her head.

Betty wakes up with Daniel on top of her. She is back to her normal self when she realizes that they still need the shoot. She thinks the Wilhelmina tried to steal it and rips open her shirt.  

The million dollar bra is not there – somehow Betty gets her braces caught to it. The only way for them to save the bra is to cut open her braces. She is finally free.

That night, her family throw her a party with all the food she hasn’t been able to eat. Justin’s boy friend comes over and they go outside to talk.

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Ugly Betty Season 4 Episode 17 Quotes

Everybody on my side of the family has big crazy chompers


Bye bye braces!