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Betty is back! Betty starts off being unable to get her braces off because her dentist is in love with her.  Although she is a bit freaked out by the situation, her love life is going great! Matt and her are pretty much living together and spending literally every waking moment together.  It would seem like heaven, but even heaven can have greener grass on the other side. After spending one night apart, Matt is already sending Betty roses and a “Miss you much” card.

Feeling a bit suffocated, Betty goes on a quest to find something else (besides her) that Matt can be passionate about.  She finds a local art gala and shows the lady some of Matt’s work. The art dealer agrees to put on a showing – and what a showing it is! All of Matt’s artwork is of Betty.

Matt is shocked and embarrassed that all his personal work is out on display. He doesn’t get why Betty would do this. Betty explains she just wanted Matt to be passionate about something (other then herself) and Matt just feels like Betty isn’t passionate enough about their relationship.

Feeling like she messed everything up, Betty brings her diary to Matt as a romantic apology. She wanted to show him that while she may not where her feelings on her sleeve, she does really care about him and their relationship.

Matt also apologizes for the way he acted. He now sees that his life is missing something and that he’s not really passionate about his job at Mode. Matt decides to quit and focus more on finding a career that he loves.

Meanwhile, Marc’s love life is also in full swing with Daniel’s new assistant, Troy. This guy is totally hot and for surely in love with Marc, like Betty, he is second guessing his decision to be with him.

 Just when Marc is about to break Troy's heart and dump him, his lover boy tells him how lucky he feels to be with a “gay Hugh Jackman” – which makes him decide to stay in the new relationship after all.

Hilda invites Bobby to have coffee and she realizes that he may not be ready to hear about her little bun in the oven. She is second guessing him and his clean lifestyle. Is he really what he says he is, or is he back to his old criminal ways? Before she can figure it out, she accidently blurts out to him and her father that she is pregnant.

The next day, Bobby comes over with a peace offering – a present for their unborn child (with receipt in tow). He tells her that she can trust him and that he wants to be there for both of them.

Ugly Betty
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Ugly Betty Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

You see, it's the little things that'll get you. One day Matt is saying 'Miss you much,' and the next day it's 'Pop! Pop!' Murder-suicide.


I'm a professional. I don't get grossed out by food caught in braces.

Dr. Farkas

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