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Betty asks Daniel to be her plus one to Hilda’s wedding.  Daniel happily accepts.

Amanda comes back to Mode to steal some supplies for her new job as a stylist.  Justin comes to Mode to talk to Marc about Austin.  He makes it clear to Marc that he is not ready to come out to his family.

When Justin is home, he quickly leaves to be with Austin. Hilda realizes that something is up and Bobby is hiding something from her. She puts it together that Justin is gay.

Betty receives a message from Henry who tells her that he will definitely be her plus one. Betty freaks out and asks Daniel if she can back out of taking him. Daniel isn’t too thrilled with this, but agrees to it anyway.

Betty then bumps into Mr. Dunn who tells Betty that he wants her to help him one a new magazine in London.  Hilda tells Betty that she better not upstage her at her own wedding.

Henry shows up with a son and that he is moving back to New York.  He asks Betty out to breakfast and Daniel is not too happy about it.

The next morning Henry brings his son to breakfast and Betty thinks the whole situation is way too much to handle. She hurriedly leaves to go to work when Hilda calls and tells her to meet her at her apartment.

When Betty gets home, Ignacio and Hilda decorated the entire place in rainbows for a coming out party. Marc gets an invitation and hurries over to the apartment to put the breaks on it before Justin arrives.

Wilhelmina offers to but Tyler’s shares of the company from him so he wont have to deal with his family ever again - and that she will dominate Mode.

Henry comes to Mode and tells Betty that he didn’t get the job because Daniel gave him a bad recommendation.  Betty in furious with Daniel and tells him that she will stay out of his personal life, if he stays out of hers.

Claire puts it together that Wilhelmina is behind it and warns her to back off. When Wilhelmina gets home she realizes Tyler is wasted. She tells him to pull him together, but he finds her gun instead.

Henry comes to visit Betty and they both agree that it just isn’t the right time for them. Things have changed.

The wedding goes off without a hitch and at the reception something clicks in Daniel that makes him realize that he is in love with Betty!

Betty realizes that her family may not need her as much as she has needed them. She calls and accepts the job offer in London.

Wilhelmina realizes she has made a mistake and goes to warn Claire that Tyler is off his rocker. Tyler shows up and before they can talk him down from shooting someone, the gun goes off.

Ugly Betty
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Ugly Betty Season 4 Episode 19 Quotes

So that thing you wanted to talk to me about, did it involve words?


Daniel: How can you drink this stuff - it tastes like bad breath.
Betty: Oh no I don't drink that stuff.