The Fire - Under The Banner Of Heaven Season 1 Episode 5
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Sam quotes Prophet John Taylor, who foretold the church would be in ruin until one true prophet came to save it. Jeb listens.

Taba enters with some papers, which he hands to Jeb. Jeb asks Sam if he is the prophet. Sam says he's a soldier and obeys orders.

Jeb asks for details about Brenda and Erica's murders, tricking Sam into admitting that he did not actually kill them -- it was only squirrel blood on his clothes. Sam mentions the "school of prophets." Jeb asks who is part of the group, but Sam keeps ranting.

Jeb and Taba leave Sam alone. Jeb asks Taba about Morris and the Lowes, but he still hasn't heard anything.

Jeb asks why the stake president is back, and Taba tells him the chief is getting ready to release Robin. Sam may be able to go free, too, since they have no evidence connecting him to the murders. Jeb asks to Taba to slow down the release.

Jeb confronts Robin, saying he has not been wholly truthful. He asks about the "school of prophets." Robin says it was merely scripture study with his brothers and other LDS men. Robin insists he loves the church.

Jeb threatens Robin with excommunication and says he will tell the stake president of the "school of prophets."

Robin reluctantly tells Jeb about the school of prophets, which was started by Bernard Brady, a businessman who was friends with Dan, talking about a dream mine full of hidden gold to save the saints.

Jeb asks Robin if he remembers a day that he picked up Dan from a tiling job, along with two men with beards. He says Brady was one of them, and the other was one Prophet Onias.

The stake president is trying to get Sam and Robin released. Jeb and Tab worry since they haven't got any credible suspects in custody. Jeb tells him he's got two more names from Robin. The announcement comes in that Morris found the Lowes.

Taba and Jeb head to the Lowes. Jeb congratulates Officer Morris.

Jeb and Taba question the Lowes. Lowe mentions the excommunication court of Dan and Ron, which was not for their anti-government beliefs or Ron's abuse of Dianna. When Jeb presses, Bishop Lowe says the confidence of a Bishop is sacred.

Jeb tells him that this is a murder investigation, including one of a 15-month-old girl, and urges them to think about what kind of Mormons they were protecting with their silence. Bishop Lowe says it began with Dan.

On a farm, Matilda milks a cow and churns the milk. She hears Dan and her daughter whispering upstairs. She goes upstairs to check on them.

Dan is giving Cora a chiropractic adjustment. Cora leaves to get Matilda some water. Dan tells Matilda he wants to take her daughters as his additional wives.

Matilda refuses, but he tells her that denying her priesthood holder is punishable by death.

Dan tells Cora they will begin "something very special" the next day.

Lowe explains that Matilda was worried and didn't want anyone to get hurt.

Later that night, Matilda helps Cora and Eilidh escape. When Dan hears the dogs barking, he goes to get up, but Matilda keeps him back by having sex with him.

Lowe explains that the girls ran to their old church, and their account was responsible for Dan's excommunication. Jeb asks where they are. Bishop Lowe says they found them a good home, but they ran away.

Taba asks if anyone has heard from them since. Bishop Lowe confirms that they have not. Taba mentions that Matilda is missing too.

Bishop Lowe says they didn't want more negative interest directed at the church.

Jeb asks how this led to Ron's excommunication.

Bishop Lowe says it had all come to a head at baby Erica's naming ceremony. All the Lafferty men had been present except Daniel.

Bishop Lowe says Ron had cornered him and asked about Dan's excommunication, and Lowe had told him it wasn't about the anti-tax group.

Sister Lowe had also conversed with Dianna and Brenda, and Brenda had suggested that the threat of excommunication might have scared Ron straight.

Bishop Lowe had bid Ron be humble in the face of confusion. Ron had then threatened Bishop Lowe. Sister Lowe had assured Brenda and Dianna that their place was not to interfere but to support their husbands.

Taba clarifies -- Sister Lowe had told the battered wife Dianna to "work harder." Bishop Lowe tells Taba not to threaten his wife.

Sister Lowe tells them that when Dianna returned to them a few months back with bruises on her face, they had encouraged her to seek help and gave her money. Jeb asks where Dianna went, but the Lowes don't know and haven't seen her since.

Another officer arrives with an address for Bernard Brady, and he and Taba head out.

Jeb, Taba, and some more officers arrive at the home of the Bradys. Sister Brady answers. Brady comes to the door and suggests they come back in the morning.

Taba produces the warrant to search Brady's home. The cops enter. Mrs. Brady introduces their five children, who are playing a board game.

Jeb interviews the Bradys in the front room. They say they know Ron, and he had even crashed on their couch when he and Dianna were going through their "rough patch."

Sister Brady says she threatened to call the police if Ron ever got physical with Dianna again.

Ron receives the notice of his upcoming "church court" for excommunication. He shows it to Dianna, and when she suggests counseling, he punches her in the face. Their daughter comes to her mother's aid.

Ron tries to drag David off. Holding a kitchen knife, Dianna tells him to get out and leave David. He does so.

Brady defends Ron to Taba and Jeb, saying he was working on becoming a better man. Brady says they studied all the scriptures, and some of his brothers came. Taba asks Brady about the "School of Prophets," but Brady doesn't know what that is.

Taba asks about Onias, and the Bradys confirm he was present and note how eccentric he was -- he wouldn't drive, and he didn't have a telephone. Brady mentions having picked up Onias with Robin at one point. Jeb asks if Dan was there. Brady confirms that he was.

Jeb and Taba get up to leave. Another officer passes a sealed envelope to Jeb. Brady suggests to his wife that she make some lemonade for the officers.

As Sister Brady leaves, Jeb asks Brady why he has a letter from himself to himself. Brady says scripture study sometimes veered into talks of the old ways, including polygamy. Brady asks them not to tell his wife.

Jeb reads the letter containing a notarized affidavit stating that a group called the "school of prophets" had constructed a list of people facing eternal consequences.

Brady feigns ignorance. They accuse him of being self-serving, and if he had really wanted to help, he should have come to the cops. Brady says he'll do anything, and they tell him to sit back down and answer their questions in full.

They ask if Brenda or the Lowes were on the list, and he says no, but Dianna was. Brady reminds Jeb of the letter written by Emma Smith. Taba asks for a lesson in Mormonism.

Brady explains how Emma Smith publicly aligned herself with a publisher who defied the Prophet's Principle of polygamy.

Hyrum Smith ransacks the publisher's printing house and burns all his materials. Emma's son asks why his uncle would do such a thing, and she tells him it is because he printed the truth.

A search ensues for Hyrum and Joseph. Emma confronts her husband's men about the polygamist Principle, and John Taylor questions her loyalty to her husband. He tells her that Brigham Young will guide the Mormons until Joseph Smith returns.

Jeb asks Brady about the whereabouts of the remaining members of the School of Prophets. Brady says that when Dan got out of jail, he talked about building a rural compound called "the farm." Brady suggests they look there.

Sister Brady returns with the lemonade. Jeb and Taba take Brady with them as they leave. Getting into the car, Brady asks for a bulletproof vest if they do go to the compound.

Jeb asks Allen to sketch the farm as it was a childhood haunt of the Lafferty brothers. Allen gives it his best shot. Jeb asks for the address, which Allen doesn't know, but he says he could find it by sight.

Jeb and Taba plan with the other officers. Brady and Allen will go along with them. The SWAT team suggests they head there for dawn, which is eight hours away. Taba tells Jeb to go home and spend time with his family.

Jeb gets home, but the house is empty. He draws his gun, but there is no one there. He finds a note from Rebecca, saying they have gone to Bishop Young's for "Family Home Evening."

Jeb calls the bishop and speaks with Rebecca. She catches him up and reassures him how well Josie is doing on her new medication. They exchange their love and hang up. Jeb goes to the bedroom to pray.

Jeb thinks about Emma Smith as well as a conversation with Allen, who mentioned that the "School of Prophets" seems like a misnomer since there could only ever be one prophet. When Joseph was in hiding, Brigham Young was the one true prophet.

Emma Smith sends a letter to Joseph Smith, urging him to find his true path again.

Allen says they were always taught that Joseph Smith willingly surrendered a second time, but someone must have convinced him to do so.

Hyrum and John Taylor approach the messenger with the letter after Emma leaves.

They wake Joseph and recite Emma's letter to him, adding their own "edit" that Joseph should surrender to save the church.

Allen suggests Brigham took this as his chance to become the one true prophet.

Allen says there would likely only be one "prophet" alive on the farm.

Taba and Jeb drive to the farm, with Allen and Brady in the back. Jeb notes how the church higher-ups are now getting involved in his family affairs.

Jeb asks Brady if he knows why Dan was excommunicated. Brady says the church told him Dan was too public about his anti-tax beliefs.

Jeb tells Brady (and Allen) that Dan was planning to "marry" his stepdaughters by having sex with them. Brady is incredulous that Ron would have known and defended Dan for that.

Ron defends Dan at his excommunications hearing. The church leaders tell him it depends on his contrition for his own offenses — threatening the bishop and being violent with Dianna.

Ron accuses them of going against the teachings of Joseph Smith.

Ron returns to his home. His children hide. His daughter cuts the sacred markings out of his garments.

Brady says that he worries Ron believed in his own God.

Ron puts on his garments as his children continue to hide. He finds little David and gives him his wristwatch.

Ron kisses his son and leaves.

The cops, including Jeb and Taba, enter the farmhouse. They find several frightened women and girls.

Taba explains that they a from an LDS compound in BC, Canada, called Bountiful. Prophet Onais had brought them down and left a few days ago without leaving them any food, water, electricity, or money.

Jeb asks the girls when was the last time they saw Dan and Ron Lafferty. One girl says they slept here, but she doesn't know where they are now.

Jeb opens a wardrobe, which is empty except for a flannel shirt. The shirt has a letter in its front pocket, which confirms Dianna was a target, as well as the "list." The girl confirms it's Ron's shirt.

On the way back, in the van, Jeb questions Brady, who says he never knew about the girls. He tells them scripture study was at Ron and Dan's place or the basement at Lafferty parents' house. Taba says he'll get a warrant. Allen is incredulous that Ron could have written the letter and list.

At the station, away from Allen, Brady assures Jeb that Ron was capable of many things, more than domestic violence. Taba tells Jeb they have the warrant.

Brady says Ron went home to his mother, who assured him that he deserves to be head of the family -- he is the One Mighty and Strong.

Ron goes up to see his ailing father. He asks Ron to call a doctor.

The militiamen approach Joseph Smith and his men. Joseph and his men sing a hymn.

Ron reminds his father how he beat his wife, their dog Roger, and him. Ron reminds him that he said doctors were not necessary as they were close to Heavenly Father.

Ron recounts how Jacob survived even after an infection had addled his mind. Ron remembers how the dog died in pain, looking into his eyes.

In the present day, the cops enter the Lafferty parents' house.

The militiamen enter Joseph Smith's place, shooting.

Ron tells his father to pray.

In the present day, Jeb explores the house.

Ron pours out his father's water.

Joseph Smith prays at the window, is shot, and falls out the window. The crowd shoots Joseph smith and runs him through with a bayonet.

Jeb examines the bedroom.

John Taylor, bloody, looks at his watch.

Brigham Young preaches to a crowd.

Ron leaves.

Emma Smith walks away with her son.

Jeb and Taba stand outside. Jeb realizes that Ron left the list for them to find because he believes himself the One True Prophet, a latter-day Brigham Young.

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Under the Banner of Heaven Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

The more wives we marry, the more children we sire, and the greater the glory in worlds without end.

Dan Lafferty

I will remove your family, past and future, from the kingdom of Heaven. I will cast the dust from my feet and curse you for all eternity unless you show me the respect Heavenly Father demands.

Sam Lafferty