Dan's Parade - Under The Banner Of Heaven Season 1 Episode 4
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Pyre and Taba arrive at Bishop Lowe's house and knock, but there is no answer. It's dark. They go in through the garage, which is slightly ajar. They enter the empty house. The phone is off the hook. A cabinet, the television, and bathroom mirror are all smashed. 

Some more cops arrive. Taba confirms that Stake President Stowe and his wife are safely asleep in bed. The Stowes haven't heard from the Lowes in about a week. Pyre asks Officer Morris to track the whereabouts of the Lowes.

Pyre finds a letter from Dianna Lafferty asking for help, expressing concern about the Lafferty brothers. He says they need to find her.

Back at home, Rebecca lets Jeb know she has told her parents that the girls' baptism will be pushed back. She asks when it might be. Josie interjects, saying the girls don't need to be baptized. She's confused.

Rebecca and Jeb correct her, as she is confusing it with "bath." The story of Brenda and Erica's murder and investigation on television. Pyre turns it off.

Pyre gets a call, saying they found the original letter Dianna mailed to the prophet. He directed the matter to the bishop and a Mr. Bascon.

Josie starts ranting about the Jews and Hitler. Jeb says he'll take his mom for a walk. Rebecca pleads with him that they try medication for Josie. Jeb agrees.

Jeb meets with Bascon. Jeb questions Bascon about the letter.

Bascon advised Ron about getting a loan, but Bascon said he couldn't do it. Ron insisted that he would lose everything if he couldn't get the loan.

Bascon noted that the church had received a letter about his brothers, asking for intervention about their tax evasion group. Ron asked what that had to do with him, and Bascon told him that Dianna had written the letter.

Bascon told him not to blame Dianna and that she was just concerned. Ron left.

Jeb asks if Ron was angry with Dianna. Bascon insists it was only Dan at whom Ron was mad.

Jeb shows Robin the letter. Robin says Brenda helped Dianna write it. Taba asks if Robin's father knew about the letter. Robin says it wouldn't have mattered -- the message was too strong by then.

At a parade, Dan rides a horse leading a pioneer-style wagon, shouting on a bullhorn about how people shouldn't pay taxes to the government,

Robin tells Taba and Jeb about Governor Boggs, who survived an assassination attempt and then tried to pin the blame on Joseph Smith, who then ran for President.

Robin explains that the only person who had a problem with Dan running for office was their father.

Dan joked around with his brothers and the female horse handler. Dan took a smoke from her and kissed her, joking around. Ammon Lafferty showed up, pulled Dan off the woman, and swatted him over the head.

Ammon chased the woman and others away, leaving only the Lafferty brothers. Ammon berated Dan, threatening to tell Matilda about Dan's actions. Ammon said Dan follows the Devil's voice, not Heavenly Father's.

Ammon said he and his wife would not return to Louisiana, for they needed to stay to save Dan. Ammon urged Dan to be his good boy again, and Ammon asked all his sons to pray together. Ron leaves.

Jeb asks how far Dan went in his studies. Robin explains that Dan went to the BYU library and researched the early prophets, but when he found that many of the early texts had been removed, Dan searched for living prophets who followed the old ways and original texts.

Dan drove to rural Colorado City with Robin to deliver some housing materials. Dan spoke to the men there, who were building houses, and told them that the government charged property tax on his father's house.

Dan noticed a group of women and a child. Dan asked if they practice polygamy, mentioning how the old prophets only renounced it because of the government invasion. The young man there said they do not pretend to know more than the founding prophets, nor try to keep up with the times.

Dan quoted scripture, and Robin discouraged him from asking more questions. The younger man said Joseph Smith called polygamy "The Principle," but the older man told Dan to leave.

Jeb explains to Taba that walking away from business with the LDS Fundamentalists is not done on one's own terms.

Jeb tells Robin that if he were involved with FLDS folks (who abuse young women in the name of polygamy), they would be excommunicated from the LDS church. Robin demands his phone call immediately.

Officer Morris reports back to Taba and Jeb, letting them know that the Lowes charged a large amount at a sporting goods store two days ago. They picked up fly-fishing gear and were heading to Grandaddy mountain.

Taba and Jeb tell Morris to get up to the mountain and talk to the Lowes.

Taba asks Jeb if there's anything about Dianna. Jeb says Lloyd contacted her parents, discovering that they are divorced, non-Mormon, and hadn't spoken to her in a while. Jeb gives Taba a drawing from his girls for their "Uncle Bill" to thank him for their birthday presents.

Another officer brings Taba and Jeb a box of evidence regarding Dan Lafferty. They start to go through it. They find a statement from Matilda.

While on a drive with Matilda, Dan explained that he couldn't find all the old teachings at BYU, so he went to an antique dealer and found something very special -- a book called The Peace Maker.

She read where he had bookmarked a passage that extolled the importance of plural marriage. Dan said that Joseph Smith believed that a man needed at least three wives to get into Heaven.

Matilda asked why has she never heard of it if it was such an essential part of Mormonism. She was aghast at the thought of men "collecting wives: and asked Dan if he just wanted to cheat on her.

Dan started to drive faster as their argument escalated, and they heard the siren of a cop car.

Dan pulled over, and the cop approached. The cop told him he was speeding and missing an inspection sticker. Dan asked if he was pulled over because he was running for sheriff.

Dan told the cop that they needed to get a warrant and come to his home if they wanted to arrest him. The cop asked him to step out of the car, but Dan drove away. The cops pursued and eventually caught up with him and arrested Dan.

Jeb puts down the statement and looks at the copy of The Peace Maker.

Robin emerges and says he is done being questioned, and that his legal representation is on the way.

Jeb and Taba talk with Allen, explaining that Dan was likely investigating Fundamentalist Mormonism. Jeb shares The Peace Maker with Allen.

Dan's five brothers visited Dan in prison, where Dan was still spouting off the importance of controlling marriage. Allen asked if plural marriage was really necessary, as he was happy with Brenda.

Dan insisted it was if he wanted to get into the celestial kingdom. Ron slammed his fist on the table and said it was illegal and there was too much at stake.

Ron grabbed Dan's hands and then started crushing them, telling Dan that his business was at stake.

Dan said that their mother always said that Ron was their true leader -- that their father only chose Dan because he was afraid of Ron. Dan said Ron must take up the mantle.

Ron checked in with his other brothers, who all agreed. As the brothers left, Dan asked Allen to pray on The Peace Maker, saying he just badly wanted to see Allen and Brenda in Heaven.

Allen tells Jeb that he prayed, but he couldn't hear the Holy Spirit. Jeb reminds him that polygamy is illegal. Allen says the prophets believe it is practiced in Heaven.

Allen says that Joseph Smith was arrested for acting on his "principle," for taking young wives. He says he tried to love Dan despite his beliefs, but he was sick about it.

Emma Smith confronts her husband Joseph regarding his "revelation" about taking multiple wives. Joseph insists that it is God's will. Emma is angry and won't let him take new wives because he is bored of her, saying she doesn't believe he heard it from God.

Joseph tells Emma to pray on it. She says she will take more husbands. Joseph "receives a message from God," commanding Emma to be faithful to Joseph only, or He will strike her down.

Allen and Jeb confer, thinking that if the men Allen saw were from Colorado City, they'll know Dan was involved. Jeb remarks that if they follow polygamy, they may follow blood atonement.

Taba and Jeb watch footage of Dan leaving prison after being removed from the ballot. Taba says they are missing a motive. Jeb is frustrated.

Orton Ballard shows up at the station. Jeb goes to talk to him. Ballard is President of Robin's stake and has come to give Robin spiritual guidance. Jeb asks him to wait until tomorrow, as the case is ongoing.

Ballard asks them to release the Lafferty men into his custody. Ballard shares that Jeb's Bishop told him about Josie and the heavy load he's carrying with the case. Ballard mentions that he knows about the blood atonement. He insists that Jeb release the brothers.

Jeb says he is investigating a murder case. Ballard threatens him ominously about digging into the church's business.

Jeb returns to his office and almost vomits in a trash can, but another officer enters and says a couple of boys saw something at Bishop Lowe's home about the break-in. Jeb collects himself, and they leave.

Jeb questions the two boys. They say that men with long hair were sitting in a car in the Lowe's driveway. It was a green Impala.

Jeb heads back to the crime scene at Brenda and Allen's house. He finds a photo of Ron and Dianna in front of a green Impala.

Jeb takes the photo back to Allen and tells him that it was at the Lowe's home on the day of the murder, and the Lowes are missing. He shows Allen the letter of Dianna's.

Pregnant Brenda and Dianna review the letter they are about to send to President Kimball, in which the question if it's okay for a Mormon to break a law they feel conflicts with Mormon teachings.

Allen can tell Brenda helped write this letter. Jeb asks if she even told Allen about the letter. Allen says she eventually stopped complaining about his brothers, and he assumed she had just given up about it since she still loved him.

Jeb asks if Ron ever told Allen about this letter. Allen tells him no.

Taba and Jeb confront Robin about calling in Ballard. Robin tells them that disrespecting the church calls their salvation into question. Jeb asks Robin if Ron was at war with Dan's views, or if he was drawn into it.

Robin says Ron stayed out of it until their father asked Ron to help get Dan back in line.

Ron, Dan, the rest of the Lafferty brothers, and some other LDS men discussed scripture, which indicated that getting put into prison is mocking the prophet.

Dan countered, believing Ron to be under their father's suggestion, stating that the 16th amendment did not apply in this case. Dan said they could not abide by the U.S. government's ever-changing rules and maintain their Heavenly constitution.

Robin sided with Dan. Dan asked Ron if the government laws were helping Ron's company's profits. Ron laughed. Dan thought Ron was scared, stating that Lafferty men once ruled Utah, and he had had a vision and wanted to reclaim their power.

Dan told Ron to leave. Ron said he was about to lose his business. Dan softened his tone, and urged Ron to join him. Robin and Dan prayed with Ron.

Jeb asks if this was before or after their father confronted Dan at the parade. Robin tells him it was before. Jeb says Allen claimed that Ron had nothing to do with Ron's ideas. Robin confirms that Dan shifted Ron's mind.

Jeb shows him the letter and asks when this confrontation was concerning the letter. Robin says it was well before.

Jeb and Taba leave. Jeb puts the timeline together -- first, Dan brought Ron in, then Dianna sent the letter, then Ron was denied the loan, then Ammon confronted Dan, then Ron and the brothers visited Dan in prison.

Jeb and Taba call Bascon and Jeb accuses him of fudging the truth of Ron's reaction to the letter. Jeb asks if the prophet's office limited what Bascon could say, lest Utah find out all the Laffertys had gone Fundamentalist.

Bascon tells him to speak to Bishop Lowe. Taba says they haven't been able to find the Lowes and tells Bascon to share what he said to Lowe or he'll bring him down the station.

Bascon says that Ron was upset when he found out about Dianna's letter and yelled at her in the car, even may have hit her.

The chief of police returns from vacation. Jeb and Taba catch him up. Taba wants to put out an APB, but the chief insists that they do not and brings them into his office.

Jeb says that a press conference will help. The chief reminds them that outsiders don't understand the difference between the regular Mormon church and the fundamentalists.

At the press conference, the chief addresses the reporters, thanks Jeb and Taba, and introduces Jeb to speak. Jeb says they don't have a suspect yet, but they are asking for the public to help locate the green Impala.

Jeb urges the public to be cautious. One of the reporters asks if fundamentalists are behind the murders. The chief attempts to brush it off, but Jeb says there may be a direct link. The chief ends the press conference. Rebecca watches at home in shock.

Jeb returns inside. Taba follows, saying how proud he is of Jeb, and tells him to take the night off and get some sleep.

Officer Morris trudges along Grandaddy mountain. He comes across a hunter with a dead rabbit. He asks for directions to Fern Lake. The hunter tells him he's lost.

The Pyre family arrives at church, greeted by Sister Doren. Sister Doren tells Jeb that she and her husband have been praying with Stake President Ballard to help Jeb through his confusion.

Sister Doren comments on Rebecca's three miscarriages, reminding her that those children are waiting for her in Heaven. Sister Doren tells her it's time for their two girls to be baptized into the church. Jeb kisses Rebecca on the cheek.

Morris follows the hunter through the mountain. Morris prays. The hunter leads him to Fern Lake, where Bishop Lowe is fishing. Morris calls out to Bishop Lowe.

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Under the Banner of Heaven Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Our forebearers never fretted about how much they risked standing firm in their faith.

Dan Lafferty

I did what the church taught us us to do. Put my questions on the shelf. It’s hard to keep them up there, isn’t it?

Allen Lafferty