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- The military returns and brought friends and family of the Chester's Mill residents. When the military arrives, Barbie figures out that the government is going to bomb the Dome. Julia messages the residents to go hide out in the cement factory tunnels. 


- Julia gets a message from Peter that he's sorry he left her without a word. She then forgives Barbie for keeping the truth from her. They work together to help the town.


- Norrie meets her real father and gets upset at her mothers for lying to her. She and Joe go in search of Angie. They kiss and don't have seizures.


- Jim kept Angie locked up at first, but then lets her go. She heads to her home and Junior is there waiting for her. Jim isn't as kind to the Reverend. When Lester threatens to reveal what they did, Big Jim kills the Reverend using the Dome.


- The military bombs the Dome, but it doesn't affect it at all. All it does is scorch the land outside the Dome.




Under the Dome
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