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- After Jim placed the blame for the killings on Barbie, the townspeople demanded that he be found. Jim didn't hesitate to take control and declare a State of Emergency. He sends Junior to "protect" Julia and wants to be called if she wakes up.


-Jim then goes to the radio station to find out what the military is saying. Dodee tells Jim that they are looking for Barbie and about the egg. Jim overhears them say that they have surveillance of Jim killing the reverend. To protect himself, he kills Dodee and burns down the radio station. He blames it on Barbie.


- Jim goes to the barn looking for the egg. When it's not there he arrests Joe and Norrie. To protect them, Barbie agrees to take the blame for the killings. 


- Linda finds the egg. Julia tells Angie that Barbie didn't shoot her. Barbie pleds "not guility."

Under the Dome
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Under the Dome Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

You taste like cigarettes.


That dome can't come down. Not now.