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Angie, Joe and Norrie find a caterpillar in the mini-dome. They leave it in the barn and Dodee finds it and is electrocuted and burns her hands. She doesn't remember how she got her injuries so they hide the truth from her. At the clinic, Angie asks if anyone else has had seizures and finds out not since her 10th grade dance. Angie reveals the truth about Junior to Joe. They realize that he's the fourth hand. They get him to come to the barn. When the all put hands on the dome, pink stars appear around them.


Barbie and Jim are blackmailed by Maxine. Jim goes to find the evidence against them. He finds Maxine's mother. She pulls a rifle on him, but he disarms her. She reveals that Barbie killed Peter. When returning her to Chester's Mill, she falls into the water and he leaves her to drown. Barbie is forced to fight and he loses on purpose. Maxine expects that and wins. She threatens to reveal his secret.


Linda figured out that Duke, Lester and Jim made a deal with Maxine to get her propane and she would keep drugs out of Chester's Mill. Julia finds a life insurance policy left by Peter. Linda gives Jim a day before she will question him. Barbie shows up at Julia's to tell her the truth about Peter, but she already figured it out. They may not be over after all.

Under the Dome
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Under the Dome Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

I don't deal with prostitution. Ever.


Maxine didn't learn to be the way she is from her father.