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- Angie, Junior, Joe and Norrie wake up to a constellation on the ceiling and the evolution of the cocoon in the mini-dome. They want to figure out who is the monarch. They decide to go to the dome to find out what it's trying to say. Junior gets upset when Angie says she's going to leave when the dome comes down and he refuses to stay with the foursome. When he leaves the storm starts under the dome. 


- Junior finds his dad and is warned about Maxine. Angie finds Junior and begs him to come back. The dome is upset he left. She is almost hit by a flying picnic table,but saved by Junior. When that happens, the storm goes away. Could Junior be the monarch? They go with Joe and Norrie to the dome and see a vision of Big Jim with knife wounds and knives in their hands. The dome wants them to kill Big Jim.


- Julia wakes up and wants Barbie to take her to see Peter's grave. They are on good terms, when Maxine shows up and shoots Julia. Barbie and Joe take her to the clinic. She flat lines, but as the storm recedes Julia's heart starts. Joe believes that Barbie is the monarch.


- Barbie and Big Jim set a trap for Maxine. She goes after them after finding her mother dead. Barbie is going to get Maxine to police headquarters and lock her up, but Big Jim kills her and her associate first and then threatens Barbie. Linda shows up and Big Jim pretends that Barbie killed them. Barbie runs.


- Dodee hears a message from the military that says that they know that Barbie is inside. Big Jim gets on the radio and institutes a State of Emergency and warns everyone of Barbie's "crimes."

Under the Dome
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