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Junior returns home and his father kicks him out again. Later, Jim decides that the town needs to take control of Ollie's well. He shows up with the police and are fought off by Ollie and other farmers. Junior decides to join Ollie's side against his father and makes Ollie promise not to kill his father. Junior finds out from Ollie that his mother committed suicide. Jim doesn't give up and gets a group of armed people to take the well by force. Meanwhile, Barbie and Linda decide that it would be better to bomb the well and get the water to revert to a town reservoir.


Barbie's plan works, but in the aftermath Jim is taken hostage by Ollie.  Junior confronts his father over his mother's death. When Jim tells his son the truth, Junior decides not to kill him. When Ollie tries, Junior shoots him instead.


Joe takes Julia to the mini-dome and she sees another "Joe." The vision says "The monarch will be crowned." In the end, Angie is shown with a butterfly tattoo.

Under the Dome
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Under the Dome Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Ollie, promise you won't kill him ... because I want to do it.


Big Jim: You sound just like your mother did at the end.
Junior: Please, don't say that.
Big Jim: I'll tell you this, though, you're no son of mine. Not any more. Now get out.