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Big Jim declares himself Sheriff. Someone takes down the windmill and lights one of Big Jim's cars on fire. After investigating potential enemies, Phil attacks Big Jim. He's put into a jail cell.

Barbie sends an email message to Julia through Joe's email address. He goes to the park to wait for Julia to jump through the tunnel portal. He's taken by a man who turns out to know his email was altered.

The man, Hunter, actually works for Barbie's father. Barbie sends another message to Julia, which he sends in code this time. He then infiltrates the military and goes to the Dome. He warns Julia that it's not safe outside the Dome.

Big Jim sees Barbie outside the Dome.

Pauline and Sam use a drug to help Lyle become lucid. He brought the postcards with him, but the events drawn by Pauline had all happened. She remembers that she drew one more that she didn't send of the Red Door. They decide they need to find the door to the Dome.

Under the Dome
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