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Sam and Junior explore the tunnel behind the locker and search for Lyle. Barbie finds them. Junior sees his mother's journal and it triggers an explosion presumably set by Lyle. Junior get out, but Sam and Barbie are stuck in the tunnel.

Sam and Barbie find a cavern that appears to never end. They believe that Lyle went down it. Sam tells Barbie the truth about what happened the night that Melanie died.

When Barbie sees scratches on Sam's shoulder, he realizes he's with Angie's killer. Sam justified it by saying everything in his sister's journal came true and the only way to get out was to kill the four hands. He even plans on killing his nephew and then himself.

Sam jumps into the cavern. Julia and Rebecca blast through the rubble and are reunited with Barbie.

Big Jim uses Julia's absence to put her leadership into doubt with the people. His vote for a windmill fails initially, but passes the second time. He solves the problem with the dust storm and the Dome.

Junior, Joe, Norrie and Melanie go to the lake and touch hands. The egg comes to the surface and they take it home. When they all touch the egg, pink stars go into the air and then the image of a tower from Melanie's home town appears. 

Under the Dome
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