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Big Jim finally finds out what happened to his wife while Chester's Mills is threatened by climate change. 

Big Jim is shocked to find Pauline in his house. Even more so to learn she faked her death to escape from the dome, because she thought it was going to fall on her.

The dome is changing. It's becoming fall early and getting very cold.

Julia spots Barbie -- he's back!

Norrie discovers the egg is gone. Melanie hasn't been around in a day, either. She has it in the Rennie bomb shelter.

As soon as Junior kisses Melanie, Angie shows up to him and she has blood running down her head. Melanie can't see her, though. Hmmmm.

Sam catches up to Melanie and apologizes for what happened years ago.

Nobody knows where Lyle is, because he didn't ever pop up in the lake.

Barbie wants to enact a plan wherein Julia is the last one out of the dome with the egg as leverage for everyone to leave. Melanie isn't too happy about that.

Barbie realizes Melanie is his sister. He had a vision on his way back into the dome.

Pauline and Jim reconnect and Junior (James) comes home. Junior knows the real reason why she left and why she came back. They both decide not to let Jim know if it serves their purpose.

Pauline pours some tea and the egg sends nasty thoughts into her brain.

Rebecca tries to convince people their microclimate is disrupted. Because that's the best way to convince anyone.

Big Jim shows up at the diner and shakes his hips -- he's a part of any plan as of now.

Stupid jailed criminal overhears everything about the egg from Joe and Norrie.

Jim gets home and Pauline is frantically painting. She's screaming and holding her head. Jim locks her in the shed and then hears the egg. Apparently it speaks to the whole family.

Jim touches the egg and it tosses him against the wall. Good egg.

Julia is worried about her and Barbie on the outside world.

Jim decides he'll shoot Joe to get them to the ledge.

Junior isn't happy about seeing Sam again. The worst part was putting Angie's bracelet under his bed so Joe thought he blacked out killed her. Junior decides to make Sam suffer.

Just as Junior is ready to ax Sam to the head, Angie shows up telling him to stop.

Joe and Angie are being herded by Jim, but Jim doesn't know about Hunter.

Junior proves his love to Angie by not killing Sam. 

Jim screws everybody over by shoving the egg over the ledge. Then the cave collapses. Whoops.

As the cave collapses, Melanie also appears to start dying. Sam wakes her up and she asks where the egg is. Whoops.

Hunter saves Norrie as the bridge to the cave collapses.

For some reason Jim thinks he's going to go back over the cliff with his family. He's rather stupid. Pauline is freaked out.

Criminal Phil escapes, but that's not the problem. The passage is closed.


Under the Dome
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Under the Dome Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

You never know how many chances you're gonna get.


There's finally a way out and I don't know if we should take it.