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Christine and Junior have the sex after she asks him to do whatever she says, because what she does, what they do, will be for the good of the group.

Julia helps big Jim find the camera. 

Barbie learns Eva and Christine are lying about who they are. When Barbie confronts Christine, she's talking about the amethysts dying, the dome calcifying and what will happen if they can't get the kinship together. The building outside her door collapses.

Big Jim and his dog, Indy, continue to spy on the people who had him last week. 

Eva wants to know why she can't tell Barbie and everyone else the truth. Christine wants to meet at the cabin later in the afternoon. Seems like a bad idea.

Julia gets to the house and starts to download a file folder named Alaska. Gun to her head first, then a gun held to the dude's head. They want to know what happened in Alaska. Dr. Marston thinks he knows what's going on with the egg and the energy, but they need to get in touch with Christine, stat. 

Abby's daughter was born brain damaged due to her severe drinking. Christine kindly points that out and rubs it in her face, as well as how what she felt in the alternate reality wasn't, well, real. 

Christine tells Eva she does have something growing inside her. Her body is changing cell by cell, and the child she'll have with Barbie will replace Christine. Huh? Junior grabs Eva, and then Christine smears cocoon goo onto her. After the goo, Eva is complacent and controlled. 

Christine and Junior are the same now, she says, as they look at their dotty blotty selves in the large amethyst. Since Oxytocin is in short supply, she wants Junior to go and get cozy with Joe so she can get control of more people. Hunter arrives first, and during a confrontation, he plummets off the roof.

Christine, meanwhile, is buttering up Barbie while he attempts to fix the building collapse. He's seen the beams in the ceiling scored, intended to cause the collapse. Christine tries her "he can't be part of the group, you know what you need to do" shtick, but it doesn't work. 

Sam arrives home to Abby face down in the full bathtub. She drank the Kool Aid. 

Another confrontation, another denial. Pete says he didn't score the beams, but Christine says Barbie is coming after him. She's setting them up for a battle to the death.

Christine finds Julia in her office with a gun. Julia's prepared to scream the truth she learned from Dr. Marston from the rooftops unless Christine comes with her. 

Hunter can't move his legs. Crying, he decides to lie and say Norrie pushed him instead of admitting he fell during the struggle. Joe and Norrie clasp hands and attempt to run as the entire town stares them down. They're pod people!

Julia arranges to have Christine sent back to Bird Island. Christine laughs. Julia's going to try to save humanity Ha ha ha. It's much too late for that.

Barbie asks for Eva's help with Hunter, and as they get ready to run off to the rescue, Pete blows up a trash can and says he'll take Barbie's life and his girl. For his indiscretion, Barbie beats him to death with a baseball bat.

Big Jim thinks he's getting out of the dome. Instead he's thrust into a bird cage. Marston brings in Indy and threatens to slaughter him. Jim tells him the truth to be reunited with his dog. He wonders why he's there. Christine was the experiment and he's the control. Hmmm.


Under the Dome
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Under the Dome Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Christine: Everything that I do, that you and I do, will be for the good of the group.
Junior: Everything?

Christine: Don't you walk away from me.
Sam: I'm going back to Abby. She accepts me for the piece of crap I am.