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Norrie and Caroline go and search for an xray machine for Hunter, but when they get it, Sam reveals that Hunter will never walk again, even if he was outside the dome. Joe and Norrie launch an attack on Eva as she attempts to euthanize him due to his hit on the resources. 

Jim and Christine are forced to share time together and it leads to them bonding, but when Jim escapes, he takes down one of the captors in a deadly attack. 

Julia returns and realizes what is going on and sets out set everyone free. Joe and Norrie are a couple of people not affected by the gel in the cocoons. Junior attacks Julia and locks her up in the city hall, but Eva can't resist making her even more jealous. 

Junior and Barbie make their way to the island in order to find Christine. Sam stabs Christine and Junior takes her to to the cave in order to have her save herself. 



Under the Dome
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Under the Dome Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Jim: You know, I find it best just to tell these bastards everything.
Christine: Drop the act. Junior told me everything
Jim: Glowing reviews I bet.

Dale, I've known Christine for years. I travelled the world with her. I trust her with my life.