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Barbie tries to find Christine in order to get justice for taking his kid. He is unfazed by Eva's death because he now realizes that he never really knew her. Julia tries to comfort him, but he wants to press on with his quest to end Christine's reign of terror. 

Hektor kills the doctor when he realizes that she intends to save everyone and is caught hiding the body by Lily. He ties her up and Hunter finds her, alerting Norrie. 

Hektor realizes he must kill Joe in order to prevent the dome from coming down.

Christine tries to give the baby power, but when Barbie and Julia show up, the baby breaks free and becomes a full human, who looks like Eva. Christine turns back into her former self and finds herself faced with trying to get everyone back on her side. She starts by helping Barbie and Julia stop Sam and Junior from killing a group of kids. 

The new Queen takes Christine to the dome and sticks her to it and absorbs her power - killing her.

Under the Dome
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