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Everyone in the cave finds outside the dome, but pink stars rise from it and it disappears once and for all. Barbie runs back in so that he can save Julia, but he's too late and she is dead. He is upset and also finds Junior's body. 

One year later, he is in the army and gets ready to shoot down a suspect and is interrupted by Ava, his girlfriend. She urges him to return to Chester's Mill and he reluctantly agrees. 

At the memorial, he tears up at the names of the deceased, but is later shocked when Junior's name disappears and then he returns to the land of the living. Junior says they met in Afghanistan. 

Barbie's father returns to the dome with the egg and Melanie steals it, but Jim appears and Julia tells him to smash it. He does and all of the survivors start appearing from cocoons.

Melanie is pulling strings from the cave and kills Ben. She then proceeds to kill Sam, but is stopped. Joe argues with Sam about killing Angie and says he will never forgive him, but Sam wants to be forgiven. 

Norrie gets drunk with Hunter and they both kiss.

Under the Dome
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