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And old college friend of Samantha's hired the Blooms for a catering job, but brought to mind Sam's old college professor who died in a car accident.  She revealed to Steven that he was actually her CIA mentor who recruited her and that she felt responsible for his death.

Tasked to Lima, Peru to stop an assassination attempt on the newly elected President, Samantha, posing as a journalist, became emotionally invested after meeting the President as he reminded her of her college professor. 

After the CIA apprehended the real hired gun, Steven posed as a replacement assassin and was forced by Ivanoff, the hit broker, to undergo a test kill, requiring Leo to don a mask and switch places with the intended target to fake the hit.

An overly friendly reporter (David Anders) attempted to cozy up to Samantha, who ended up really being a member of the family who ordered the hit on the President because he was trying to seize back operation of a huge pipeline they had been operating.

He took Samantha hostage, demanding Steven kill the President or he would kill Sam.  After Hoyt pinpointed his location, Steven shot him in the shoulder, and Leo burst in and struggled with him, while Sam broke free from her restraints, grabbed the gun and took him at gunpoint.

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Undercovers Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

All I have to do is convince the next president of Peru which one of his enemies would want to assassinate him. Simple.


It's like time stood still and so did your ass.